Sunday, September 7, 2008

WoW Addons #2 - Class Addons

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to talk a little baout class specific addons. There of course a million addons out there and umpteen amount of them are class addons so I'm not going to delve into all of them. Being as I don't even play every class in the game I can't give a great representation of all the addons out there from personal experience. But from research and personal experience combined I'll put up a few that people might find useful. I'll also group up some class types at the end of the post so I'm not putting up the same addon for like specs(IE - tanks and healers). I'm making an attempt to only put up addons which will help with raiding, not addons like CritLine which aren't that useful in raiding respects.


Outfitter - This addon is a must for those of us who choose a class which requires a million gear changes all the time. You can save different sets for whatever reason you might have and interchange those with a click of a button. You can also set it to automatically do that but a lot of the times that screws you up more than it helps as you get stuck in the wrong gear for the wrong occasion often.

Druidbar - I just found this one and I'm not sure why i never looked before. It shows your mana while in cat/bear form. Really useful for powershifters or tanks like me who pull with moonfire and find with chain pulling and no good mana regen that I can pull and be stuck in caster form by accident.


Personally I don't use any addons for my hunter that are hunter specific but a good one that is useful is Zhuntermod. Helps with organization and such. I'm sure a more seasoned hunter has specific mods but mine is only used for farming.

Sorren's Easy Rotations - Helps you with your hot rotations to get that extra edge (and makes it so you don't just have to spam 1).

SimpleMD - This one requires the other hunters to have the addon but it lets the hunters know when the hunter Misdirect cooldowns are up so there is no failures on overlapping.


Dagassist - While useful for others, sorta, it's greatly useful for a mage. It gives you a dropdown where you can cast your ports and open your tradeskills and such. Cleans up those hotbars like a pro!

Cryolysis - Give syou a circle thing that you can use to do about everything.. I personally didn't find this addon that useful but I know mages who swear by it.


PallyPower - I've already harped on this last post but it is such a great addon that I had to include it.

Not much a shadow priest needs specifically that I could find. I don't own a priest alt.

Prayer of Mending Tracker - Tracks your Prayer of Mending, duh!


I'm sure there are some that some rogues use but don't they just turn on auto attack and kill things?


TotemTimers - Keeps tracks of your totems timers and lets you put them down when they are about to expire.

Shaman Friend - Gives you a lot of Shaman related dohickeys. (Can you tell I don't play a shaman?)


The ones I knew about seem to be out of date so I don't want to give out ones that don't work anymore. There are some out there though.


StanceSets - Helps you switch Mainhand, offhand, and ranged based on your stance so you can quickly switch from dps to tanking or etc.


Damnation - This one is great because it automatically removes Salvation from you when you get into bear form, defensive stance, etc(or if you are already in those forms/stances). That way if there is a reason you need to be in bear form you are going to be able to get that threat much faster without having to thumb around looking for the salv that was cast on you.

TankPoints - To let you compare gear to make sure you are staying above the needed caps for encounters.


Healbot Sucks. The top healers in No Vacancy use X-perl + Clique for their healing. I've heard others use Grid instead of X-perl.


Quartz - Helps with maximizing your dps. For casters is lets you know when you can cast again based off of your connection speed. For melee it gives you your swing/shot timer so you can time your yellow damage and not lose too much of your white.

Most Everyone:

SmartBuff/SmartDebuff - They can be downloaded seperately for those classes that can buff but cant debuff or vice versa. This lets you buff your party members by rolling the mouse wheel backwards, it can also be setup for other various things. It gives you a warning when buffs on other peopel are going to wear out so you can stay on top of it too. SmartDebuff gives you a small frame where you can right or left click those who have the debuff and it will remove it.

Decursive - Does the same thing as SmartDebuff. I've just used SDB for a long time so I never used this one but I know most of the debuffers in the guild use this one so had to include it.

ControlFreak - Makes crowd controlling cake. Puts a movable box on your screen where you can set the sheep/banish/etc target and keep it CC'd while you dps on your current target. Shows a countdown of when it will wear off and makes a noise at you when it breaks.

DurabilityStatus - Very small window that lets you know where you armor is at and if you hover over it you will know how much your repairs will cost.

MinimapButtonBag - Takes all of these addons that I'm giving you and puts the minimap buttons that you have accrued into one single button.

Tommorrow I will finish up my addon section by chatting about External "addons".

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