Monday, September 8, 2008

WoW Addons #3 - External Addons

To finish up my addon discussion thing I decided I would go with the external addons. At least this is how I think of them. These are programs that are not part of the game at all but are quite useful to the happenings in-game. Some are websites, some are programs.

Ventrillo - I already mentioned a bit about this before but this one is pretty important for raiding. Other guilds use Teamspeak and I'm sure there are other prgrams in the same vein but No Vacancy uses Ventrillo so thats what I post. It's a voice chat program so you can converse with all your guildmates.

VoiceOverlay - This puts a little thing on your screen(you can tell it where to put it) that shows what channel you are in and who is speaking. That way you know what the voice is when someone speaks up about something.

WoWMatrix - For all those addons that I told you about before and any other addon you run with this will update all of them. You load it up and it searches for the addons you have and just updates everything. It's great. You can also look for new addon with it too. One of the best external addons I have.

Be.Imba.Hu - This is a website. It gives a gear score ranking to the gear that people have on in their armory profile but more importantly it flags things that people are missing. For instance, it flags missing enchants or bad enchants. Essentially it gives me a quick overview of what people need to fix or for recruits whether or not they are serious about raiding based on their knowledge of their class. If I see a priest with agility enchants then I know for sure that they just aren't going to be a good fit.

The Armory - As useful as Be.Imba is it doesn't show professions or reputation or etc so I find it extremely useful to be able to have both of these websites up at all times.

Your servers WoW forums - I find this useful because I can be warned of things that may be going on that I don't want to be part of or I can find potential recruits. It's not always useful but it's good to have up and refresh just so you know the goings on of the server. Think of it as a news site for the realm.

Bosskillers - Another website. This site gives you strats on every raid boss in the game. This is a great help in leading raids as it will give you a majority of the information needed to fight the boss. Sometimes it misses things or is out of date because the writeup happened before a nerf/buff or etc but its a great starting point.

Wowwiki - Aside from the general lore(if you are into it) that you can garner from it and the other various wiki-ish things you get this is a great place to get the remaining information on those raid bosses. I keep this up in conjunction with bosskillers on new bosses. Also, this site tends to have the trash leading up to the boss as well which helps when you are approaching a new instance(or are in Hyjal and don't feel like memorizing the million mobs combos that are about to happen).

YouTube - A lot of really good boss kills and boss explanations are on YouTube. Great way to supplement the info you learn from the write-ups. - Because it's easy to lose track of the world around you when you are in the world within.

And most importantly your guilds website! Most guild information is given via the website because there really is no way to store all that info in-game. And as a guild leader all your flames tend to be on this site as well. best to keep up with them(and bring water)!

As a feral druid the other external addon I use is Rawr. It helps me with gear choices and such. It has started supporting other classes as well but its roots were feral druids so it does that best but getting better.

Thus concludes my addon section. Not sure what I'm going to write on next but stay tuned cause it'll be something!

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