Monday, September 1, 2008


So I was walking home today and finally came up with something I could post on this blog thing.

What is the meaning of life? More specifically, why are we doing what we are doing? I know it's a topic that comes up pretty frequently and everyone has their own answer. Me, I don't have an answer. In fact thats what I came up with, I just don't get it. I mean why do we live?

We live 60, 70, 80ish years or so but what do we do that whole time? Mainly work. But really what is it for? To make a legacy? Only a handful of people in history ever reach that status and even less last more than a few hundred years before they are forgotten about or shelved. And what does a legacy do for us anyways. I mean, we're dead, it really only means something to everyone else who isn't.

So why do we do what we do while we are alive? Frankly, I don't get it. I guess we do it to pass the time really. I mean think about people that we know thousands of years ago. They did the same thing. Even cavemen or Noah or whomever back in the day did the same thing. They were born, worked, then died.

But nowadays its way out of hand. I mean we work work work and then work. Work is the only thing that is important to anyone in this life(at least in the US). If you aren't working then your life means nothing. You are looked down upon if you are unemployed, but in the same time you are envied for being able to spend your time not working. And since living costs money(no matter how you live, even as a bum on the street) then you gotta get it somehow and the only way to do it is work. Whether it's in an office, haggling for cash next to McDonalds, selling drugs, or stealing from a bank, it's still all work.

And most work sucks. Work is set up to accomplish something, not to let you excel. I personally do love to work, as long as it's something that I'm good at and that I enjoy. Which means there is nothing out there that pays anything that I can work on.
Sometimes what someone is good at isn't necessarily something that is typical.

Take me for instance. What am I good at? Personally I think that I am a great leader. Some may think different but that is what I personally think I am good at. But I only know of it because I do it in video games. Yes, video games. For the past many years I have been a leader in such video games as Everquest and World of Warcraft. I have led a few guilds in these games and have come up pretty successful as the game standards are. But how would that ever in a million years(or at least this year) turn into something that I could pay bills with? It can't. Games are a voluntary workforce so its not like I could get paid for what I do and there are hundreds of other leaders out there anyways in these games that I may not even be even close to the top echelon of the leaders. Unless I am in the top 5 successful guilds in the game worldwide I really couldn't hope to garner any sort of payment, and even then it would be a stretch.

So how do I turn my one good talent into something that's marketable? I can't just go to a business and show them my resume and say well yeah hey my resume sucks but I am a great leader in WoW. Besides, even though we treat the guilds as sort of a business it's nothing close to something in real life. Sure I could tell people what to do but most businesses want you to go form the bottom up. Meaning I would have to learn how to be a drone pushing paper or flushing toilets or whatever the bottom is and spend half my life working up just to use my one good talent. What's the use?

Anyways, I think these blog things are supposed to be short or something and it's just ramblings anyways. If you can't tell, I have about zero work right now but my gaming is going well at least. Got any suggestions?

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