Saturday, September 20, 2008

WoW Starting a guild #3: Promoting Officers

Officers are your best resource to not having to be the shining beacon of leadership 24/7. If you are going to be serious about leading a guild then you must must must have officers. Officers back you up when you aren't around and serve as your representative. But most importantly, the officers help you out and serve as a life line.

Officers jobs have many functions. Aside from doing the obvious of helping out with the day to day they are the sounding board with which you get your ideas and when things are tough are the ones that keep you sane.

Because of this, make sure you pick your officers well. Picking your friends is all well and good but you need to make sure that your friends aren't stupid either. Make sure to pick people who 1)want the position and 2) are capable of filling the position. If you find people who are great at a certain thing, such as recruiting, then those are prime candidates. Also, make sure they are decent players too. Someone who has trouble grasping aspects of the game will probably have trouble grasping all of the officers responsibilities. The members look up to the leadership of the guild and assume the know everything and can answer every question posed to them so picking people who know how to get that information quickly is good.

Which leads me to another thing. Treat your officers with more respect than you treat you guild members(which should be a lot of respect anyways). Your members help you accomplish things by showing up to events but your officers do a lot of work to make things happen. In No Vacancy, my officers are equals. Yes, I make the final decision on things, but as much as possible we decide everything amongst all of us. I only make decisions without everyone else's approval if I think its something that needs to be made now or a detail we overlooked that needs fixing. And if it is a controversial topic then I will never make the decision alone. If I think the officers would approve anyways I will make the decision, if I have doubts I pass it by all of them.

Some guilds thrive on a dictatorship like leadership where the guild leader decides everything and it works. No Vacancy does a semi-democratic one and it works well. Pick your own style that works and go with it.

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