Monday, October 6, 2008

WoW Patch 3.0.? Preview

My guess is that if you are reading my blog regularly then you are probably one of those people that knows a little bit about the new incoming patch and at least the basic changes for the class(es) that you play. So I won't bore you with any of that.

A lot of guilds are taking a hiatus before WOTLK and playing on the PTR or the Beta or just farming gold and mats in anticipation of the expansion. Unless you are in one of the guilds lucky enough to have experienced all content that has been offered currently I suggest that you make sure that your guild continues raiding. Two reasons.

First, the expansion is over a month away and by the looks of the Beta it is going to be a messy start(if it doesn't get pushed back). My guess is that for the first month of that we are going to be dealing with endless patches to fix the content that isn't ready yet. I stopped playing Beta about a week ago because I just couldn't handle the mess and the disconnects. This means that you will be out of raiding from now until December, which is of course one of the worst times of years to keep your raid force focused, especially when half of them are on month long vacations. If you stop raiding now then all that focus and continuity that you had with each other is going to have to be built back up from scratch. Leveling together is just not gong to do the same thing because everyone is going to be leveling at their own paces.

Second, all that current content that you are working on now is suddenly going to become much easier. Bosses just got nerfed the other day by losing 30% hit points and all our toons got a major buffs(although all of us are complaining about all the nerfs we got of course). T4 guilds are going to be able to plow through t5 and maybe t6, t6 guilds are going to finish off Illidan and maybe get into Sunwell. Sunwell guilds struggling on Brutallus are going to see Kil'Jaeden. Etc.. So, unless you have had your fill of progression and don't care to see if for another 2-3 months(or more) then don't give up now.

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