Sunday, October 26, 2008

WoW Guild Rankings

ok so maybe this isn't exactly what you were expecting when I come up with a new topic, but there is info to be gained from here at the least.

Guild Rankings:

Most servers have some sort of ranking system they use so that new server members can find a guild they are looking for(or more appropriately so each guild can flex their epeen). There is absolutely nothing wrong with having rankings like this and even if the server doesn't put up official ones(as official as player run rankings can be) there will always be those other websites that do it for you(Ie- WoWjutsu).

There is a lot of pride in each guild when they look at their rankings and much elation when they move up them by killing a new boss.

But, because these systems are run by players there are a lot of errors and duping of the system that takes place, which makes things a little less fun for those people who work hard to get to their ranking.

Take for instance this one guild on my server. Recently they updated their rankings as killing 5 new bosses within a few days(which is definitely doable considering that NV did in fact do more or less the same after 3.0). The problem that I have though is that they are not doing it all on their own. They have been pugging people from guilds that have killed the content but have taken the remaining 3.0-WOTLK time off and then claiming the kill. I know this from members of theirs who have admitted it to me or fellow NV guildies(not to mention that their "proof" screenshots[see todays blog picture] doesn't even show a full raids worth of people, much less all of them being within their own guild).

I have addressed the forums before on this topic when it happened another time months ago and it seems that no one cares. My feeling is that if you are not killing the bosses with your own guild in full then you should not be given the credit for the guild as killing them. It is cheating to claim these bosses as your own kill when in fact it would have never been done without the help of others. If you make the excuse of saying, well it was only a few people we did it ourselves mostly then you need to prove that you can do it yourselves fully.

It is a slight on the other "competing" guilds to cheat like this just so you can flex your epeen. Earn your way into recognition, the way everyone else has had to.

Yes, I am ranting because this one particular thing has effected my guilds rankings by knocking us down but I have seen it happen before as well. I feel like things should be played fairly, especially when it comes to the competition that effects our recruiting.

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