Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Put some effort, get some gear

World of Warcraft, Guild LeaderI purposefully made it a point to not specifically promote any sort of specific DKP system. However, while going through the comments on the WoWinsider plug post I noticed that a lot of people were toting the dominance of the EPGP system. Since I neglected to post about this before I shall augment my DKP blogging with it now.

EPGP stands for Effort Points/Gear Points. This system is a little more complicated in how it is run and the math that it does, making this a less than desireable system for people new to DKP.

Effort Points (EP) are given via a Standard DKP system (IE - Hourly Bonus or Boss Kill Bonus). Each bonus that you want to give to the raid is given a flat number and everyone who participates in that bonus event gets the effort points. A minimum EP is set to find out who can bid on gear. For guilds starting out from scratch this can be set at zero so that everyone can bid and as you move along you can raise the minimum so that initiate members would still earn EP but not be able to participate in the bidding until reaching that minimum level. Generally a weekly point rot is put into this system so that newer members can be awarded while veterans must maintain their attendance to remain at a higher priority.

As an example, EP gain is at a rate of 250 a night per player. Let's say that you raid 4 nights a week making total weekly EP 1000 for a 100% attending player. Now we have a rot of 10% (which is generally the most common percentage used in rot systems). Once a member reaches 10,000 EP they are losing the same amount of EP in rot that they are gaining per week, assuming they have 100% attendance. This provides a max cap on the EP part of the system.

Gear Points (GP) is a mathematical representation of the items that drop. Every item in WoW has an item level. This system takes that number, as well as the rarity and slot it is used in, and gives the item a fixed price. Rather than bore you with the math(ad because I haven't 100% figured it all out) the EPGP system comes out with: GP = 0.483 x 2 ilvl/26 + (rarity - 4) x slot mod. Since EPGP uses its own program the rarity and slot mod #'s are already pre-assigned. Rather than muck up the blog with the finer details of gear points we'll just go with it. The GP system is also subject to the same % of point rot as the EP system.

Finally both systems are combined to form the final number which is the priority number. Effort Points are divided by the Gear Points to come up with this number. The person with the highest amount of Priority points is awarded the loot first.

With this system the goal is that the more effort one puts in the more gear that one receives, while combating all of the aforementioned pitfalls in one system.

As you can see, this system is not really that much different from anything that I mentioned so far except that it is a named system. I could have reviewed systems such as a Suicide Kings system as well but I will not, for now. The EPGP system takes into account all of the previous pitfalls as well as some of the various methods of spending and receiving DKP and puts it into one system. In short, it has solved the problem of putting together your own system. That being said, even though No Vacancy does not use this system, it is quite a good system to look into.

Next up, what system does NV actually use? I finally answer the question.

For more information on the EPGP system visit its wiki. Or you can check out WoW Wiki's post on it (actually a little easier to understand).

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