Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Achievement Addendum: Czar of Sporeggar

This is one of the easiest reps in the game to get. When I really started focusing on it I was already just into revered so I didn't have much to go but it's fast either way. This is a reputation which is part of the meta achievement "The Diplomat."

To start with, Sporeggar is a small town on the Western edge of Zangarmarsh which consists of a bunch of mushroom men called Sporelings. You won't really be able to do anything with rep until your early 60's. You start out unfriendly towards this group no matter what race you are.

All Bog Lord mobs in the zone give 15 reputation all the way up to revered (with a few that give it past that), but more importantly bog lords drop tendrils that you can turn in for 750 rep up until friendly (visit Fahssn in the Spawning Glen for this). You can pick up tendril's without having the quest in your log and they are tradeable so you can grab em from the AH if you really want to speed things up).

Once you reach friendly you can pick up a quest called "Bring me a Shrubbery" which requires 5 Sanguine Hibiscus per turnin and is repeatable until max exalted. These Hibiscus only drop in the Underbog 5 man instance but drop in both regular and heroic versions (they are also tradeable just like the tendrils). This instance is a level 62 instance so if you are doing this at a lower level you'll need a group. At 80 (even I'm sure somewhere in the low 70's) this is an easily soloable instance. The mobs prior and after the naga have a chance to drop these and they spawn throughout the zone.

If you are farming these wonderful red flowers, clear every mob up until the naga but stop there and go back towards the instance and reset it. I did a full run of the instance clearing everything and got a total of 35 hibiscus. 26 of those dropped prior to the naga and the only remaining ones drop at the very end. There are only 4 mobs (2nd boss, last boss, and the two fungal giants before the last boss) which can drop these after you are finished with the naga so it is much faster to just reset the zone.

The spawn points throughout the zone are fixed and they pop up in a wierd pattern but do NOT respawn (although it looks like it). What you need to do it pluck all of the spawns from the beginning to your stopping point and then retrace your steps all over again. When you pick the last one a new spawn near your first flower pops up and there is another whole group of spawns from beginning until your stop point.

All in all, at level 80 killing from the beginning and stopping at the naga plus retracing your steps to get respawns it takes about 20 minutes per run. At 750 rep per 5 Sanguine Hibiscus it will take you only about 10-12 runs of underbog to get from beginning of friendly to exalted making the whole grind take about 4 hours total.

And, bonus, you get a tabard and a non-combat pet for completing your easy rep grind. Remember to save any Glowcaps that you loot because that is the currency needed to buy anything from these guys. Hint: Glowcap spawns EVERYWHERE on the western half of Zangarmarsh on the ground (normally at the base of the giant mushroom trees).

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