Friday, April 17, 2009

Achievement Addendum: Lance a Lot

By now you have settled into patch 3.1 and have discovered the Argent Tournament. If you haven't then there is a guy at the Dalaran flight path that will give you a free one-time flight to the Tournament in Northeast Icecrown.

Once you are there you will start getting daily quests to both open up the arena area (this will take a long time and is much like the Isle of Quel'Danas event) as well as daily quests to improve your ranking in the Argent Tournament.

It takes 3 days of the rank improving dailies to become a Valiant for your race. At this point you can do the Lance a Lot achievement.

How To:

Once you are able to start supporting your home city faction you will get a quest called The Grand Melee. The key to completing this achievement in one shot is to NOT turn in this quest when you complete it.

Once you have this quest you can go and challenge all of the Valiants in the arena. Now the quest says to go to the ones for your faction but you can also challenge the ones from the other faction as well. If you turn in the quest you cease to be able to challenge the Valiants and have to wait until the next day.

You do not need to worry about the amount of Marks you get. They are unique (3) so you will not get anymore after the first three wins, but you will still be able to challenge the other races regardless if you have them in your bags or not.


Some people have a hard time with the battles. I have found a pretty decent rotation is:

Melee until the Valiant runs away. Spam your charge until i goes off and once it down immediately hit your melee button.. as you turn around to come back to the Valiant hit your ranged shield attack. You should be able to get all of these off without the Valiant breaking your shield. If they do manage to get a shield down then just refresh it as you are in melee range.

It may take some practice runs before you get a rotation that works for you down but once you get it then all of the races become easy to kill. Go joust to your achievement hearts desire!

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