Thursday, September 4, 2008

A little about me

So after some debating and some feedback from my guild members I've decided to let my readers know more about me and my guild.  The focus will not be on the guild itself in this blog but at least you know a little more about my successes and failures with a little more detail.

So hi!  I am Kreeoni, a Night Elf Feral Druid on the Drenden server.

I am the guild leader of the guild .  No Vacancy was originally formed to house a few of mine and my friends alts because we were tired of getting random invites to guilds we didn't want to be on every time we entered a major city.  However, after a lot of bad mergers with other guilds on my main I ended up inviting people to join NV as a temporary guild.  I figured we already had a bank tab and such so while we figured out what we were going to do we wouldn't be bothered and we could stick together.  Within a few days that turned out to be that we were going to keep what we were and raid.  So we rapidly went down the way of a progression guild and somehow I ended up being the one that led us.  It really wasn't what was planned but in the end it worked out for us.  We climbed to be ranked 12 server wide and 8th Ally at the end of BC. In LK we decided to not participate in the ranking system on our server because they were maintaining it poorly (Full pug credit for boss kills, 10 man credit for 25's, etc).

I didn't start playing WoW until after the server was up but Drenden went live in early January 2007, the day before the Burning Crusade was released.  At the beginning a majority of the server was transfers from other servers, meaning most guilds at the top have gotten the benefit of a head start in the progression.  90% of my guild consists of people who started after the expansion or who were not serious raiders before the expansion. 95% of my guild, including myself, has not seen any of the content that we are currently working on.  We are the only top 10 guild on the server that does not have leaders who have done the content leading them through it.

Any other info about No Vacancy can be found here.

Any other Drenden info can be found on the WoW Drenden forums here.

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