Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WoW Consumables #6: Miscellaneous

It just keeps going right?

Finally, I will talk about all those miscellaneous consumables that don't necessarily fit into any of the previous sections. Aside from Bandages these tend to be less required sort of raiding consumables.

Bandages - Bandages are made via the First Aid secondary profession. They are also only usable by people with the same profession at various skill levels. To be able to use the top end bandages one must be at 325 in First Aid. Contrary to what you may think every person should not only have the First Aid profession and skill but also carry a stack or so of bandages at all times. Even healers should carry bandages around as certain times it is easier to conserve mana by staying out of the 5 second rule and bandaging yourself/others. All other raid members should have bandages(except maybe the main tank[assuming you know you are always going to be the one tanking everything]) because you never know when you may take damage and you are too far away from a healer or they are too concentrated on a tank or there are not enough alive to heal you.

"Although wasteful, with good timing (and practice) you can bandage even while being attacked. The few hundred precious hps from a tick or two can turn the tide of a very close battle." - Wowwiki

Scrolls - Scrolls are items which provide a 30 minute buff. They do not stack with player buffs that effect the same stat(Scrolls of Intellect and Stamina[and if there is spirit priest in the raid, Spirit] are the ones that do not stack). These are great extra stat boosts but they are shorter duration and do not persist through death so unless you have a huge supply of them it's best to use sparingly(I keep 2 stacks of Agility, Strength, and Protection on me at all times and use them primary on Boss attempts)

Rune's of Warding - I still have not decided if these are worth using or not during raids but I still equip it simply because it's just that much more towards possibly winning. The Greater Rune of Warding is a temporary chest consumable which absorbs 400 damage every 2 minutes for one hour. In raids this is practically no damage but that 1600 damage over the total 10 minute fight may make the difference in close fights or it could come at the right time when healers are out of sync or etc. Never hurts to have another ally, no matter how small it may be.

Ward's of Shielding - Greater Ward's of Shielding are applied to shields and absorb 4000 damage before failing. Great for initial pulls to get that extra edge and get the healers in place. Especially useful for any class that uses a shield that may not be tanking but still could get damage(ahem resto Shammy's and Holy Pallys). It lasts on the shield indefinitely until it absorbs its max so it could help you keep your face off the ground.

Drum's - These are made by leatherworkers and are also only usable by leahterworkers with a skill level of 325+. There are 5 different types of drums but the only useful raid drums are Drums of Battle(Increases melee, ranged, and spell haste by 80) and Drums of War (Increases attack power by 60 and Spell damage by 30). Drums effect all party members for 30 seconds. All drums of the same type can not stack with each other. The use of any drum causes a 2 minute cooldown timer on all drums in a players inventory. Having multiple Leatherworkers in each group means drums can be up for a longer period of time increasing that groups overall dps by that much. These are great buffs as they stack with everything.

Nips - Make sure you have some sort of chocolate or beer or dip or smokes or whatever you need because even though it's just a game you're gonna need that stress reliever. One of the best consumable's out there is of course the Nips, a Rich and Creamy Hard Candy.

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