Friday, September 19, 2008

WoW Starting a guild #1b: Naming your guild

I admit, I wrote this well after some for the upcoming posts but it was something that I forgot to mention. I'm so addicted to this blogging thing that I'm already like 14 days ahead of schedule on posts lol. So keep on coming cause for the next umpteen days there are already preprogrammed posts ready to hit you in the face with useless knowledge from a game. WOOT!

Ok, so naming your guild. Back in the day when I was in a cool named guild I used to think that the name of your guild really really mattered. In the end it's more the actions of the guild than it is the name.

However, your name does have an impact on how your guild looks at the beginning until you accomplish something. In WoW you can not hide your guild tag so what people have over their head is just as important as what they are wearing. Vanity means the same thing in digital life as well as real life.

Make sure you are spelling the words correctly(or if you are incorrectly spelling them it is on purpose), guilds that have the words spelled incorrectly usually mean the leader is an idiot. But punny things like (A top guild on my server so it's TM so get your own) is a great name. Names like makes it look like you were an idiot that can't spell or didn't have the patience to pay attention to the fact that you missed a letter.

Make your name professional. Don't put your name in all caps or in all lower case. It just looks messy and once again looks like a mistake. is so much inferior to which is much better than . O yeah and don't put stupid caps just anywhere to be cool, it looks stupid().

And finally, your name doesn't need to mean squat. Sure it's great to have a cool name like but even guilds like make it to the top. But do think about recruiting, if you name your guild you damn well better be awesome. Every time you whipe/fail/suck you will be flamed hard core. Better to be a little more humble and the flaming hurts less towards your guilds image. Course I can't say much cause gets flamed all the time when we recruit. Hey it meant something when we were an alt/banking guild but doesn't have that same joie de vivre anymore.

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