Thursday, September 18, 2008

WoW Starting a guild: Defining your guild

So i realized that I was sort of moving away from the guild leader help things. It seems that I did more of a suggestion to the guild members as to what they should be doing. My audience went from possible guild leaders to my own guild members. Although, knowing what is out there is good so that you know what requirements you want.

But first you need to define your guild.

Any schlub can go to the guild maker dude in a major city and pick up a charter and find 9 other people to sign it. But if you don't define what you want the guild to be then that is all you are going to be, a schlub who found people to sign a charter.

So before you put together your guild you need to decide on its overall direction beforehand. Guilds fall into 4 major types;

Banker - A guild for yourself in which you use the guild bank as your personal bank.

PVP - A guild in which you spend all your time concentrating on PVP, which means running pre-made Battlegrounds, arena's, talking smack about non-PVP guilds that are inferior to your PVP guild in PVP, etc.

Alt/Leveling(also called a family guild) - You invite everyone who wants a guild, help them level up, run them through instances, etc. Some family guilds do some early raiding(Kara).

Raiding guild - You spend most of your time either preparing for raiding or actually raiding. Raiding guilds can sort of have some subtypes as well such as progression, 10-man only, T4, T5, etc.. But it interconnects sometimes too.. A T6(or even t5) guild could be called a progression guild even though the true progression guilds have completed everything there is to offer.

Define your guild based on what you are good at. Don't be like "Well I want to be a T6 raiding guild but I don't know what I'm doing, Ill just get someone else to do it." Chances are that other person that is good at it is either already doing it elsewhere or leading their own guild.

Being good at something doesn't mean you know everything. As my long time guild mates will attest to, I knew nothing about the content we were about to attempt. I did lots and lots and lots of homework and even though I ended up coming in with the same knowledge as everyone else in my guild my homework let me lead them through where we are now. But knowledge is not necessarily the way to lead a successful guild, I have had many knowledgeable people come in on the guild but their knowledge came out as cocky and condescending. You took the initiative to start this guild, now you need to take the initiative to do everything(yes I mean everything) involved with getting it to where you want to be.

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