Friday, October 10, 2008

WoW Calendar

Freaking finally. Blizzard has looked at all the used addons that most guilds use and has made their own versions of them.

No Vacancy has been using Group Calendar since we started up and a lot of us have been using it since well before that. It's a great addon but it has its glitches. For one, as GM I can not edit or remove any other members post on the calendar. I must be online on that account to see the newest signups since I last logged(I have two accounts so this poses a problem sometimes). If I change computers information can get lost even under the same account(I have multiple computers so thats an issue too). But all in all this addon is great and I have touted its praises all the way up until now (and will continue to do so if the Blizzard one ends up being a huge phail).

Anyways, back to the Blizzard version. This version is great. I can edit and remove other people's posts(no more Fail-mades on my calendar!!), I can see who has signed up from other accounts, and it's all stored server side so I don't have to worry when I change computers. And you can invite people to your raids and if they are in your guild it has an autocomplete feature so you don't have to remember how to spell that guy who's name is ohgfljhsgfljkh(but you still have to figure out how to say it in vent.

Also, it shows all the in-game info that you might want. For instance, it tells you when the Darkmoon Faire is around and where it exactly will be. It lets you know the start and end date of all those special holiday seasons (YAY BEERFEST!), lets you know when every instance you are saved to resets. And so forth.

But the best thing about it is that no one has to download some new addon to use it. Everyone in the guild already has it. So now there is no excuse that you didn't see the raids posted because your addon is out of date. For us, signing up to raids is required, now there is zero excuse. I Love it!

What else has Blizzard given us for us to help run our guild? I shall find out and let you know if they actaully did. Tomorrow, the new in-game threat meter.

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