Thursday, October 9, 2008

WoW Target Dummies

Last few nights I have been with on the PTR testing out specs and getting a feel for how raiding might be once this patch hits. Mainly we've been running Kara and just doing whatever it takes to push our limits. So far we've 3 manned Attumen and 5 manned the rest of Kara and that's with us trying to overdo ourselves with chain pulling non-stop and pulling extra groups at a time and just overall doing stupid things that sometimes cause us to wipe.

Aside from me having threat issues when swipe tanking everything is definitely looking to be a huge improvement for us in the near future.

Halfway through Kara tonight, my DPS warrior(who is too OP with his new tilt-a-whirl ability IMO) was like you know you can test your dps on the new target dummies, right? I'm like target dummies? What target dummies?(ok so maybe slightly less valley girlish but hey). So after we stopped our long heroic for the night at Curator, three of us who weren't tired went and beat on these target dummies until late in the evening. It was great.
Why didn't Blizzard think of this beforehand?! I mean you have all these NPC's in Theramore and other places beating on them, you would think that it would be useful for us to. Previously the only real way to test ranged DPS was Dr. Boom in Netherstorm or random elites with someone tanking and healing for melee.

These guys, however, you can do almost anything with.. They can be rooted, frost nova'd, almost anything. They don't fight back, take full debuffs and bleeds, act like normal mobs with parry and dodge, and etc. The only drawback is that for tanks they don't let you test things because you are constantly rage starved.
There is a set of them in any major city(none in Shatt that I could find), and they have level 60,70,80 and the skull heroic ones. Personally I think the Heroic ones are level 80 raid bosses because I was hitting for crap on them but maybe it's because they didn't have any raid debuffs on them.

Why does a guild leader care about these?
Well besides the obvious of telling your guild members about them so they know they have something to beat on for hours it's a great way to test new(or old) members to see where they fall in line. Without the craziness of the raid to concentrate on or the raid damage killing people you can sit down and feasibly look at people and how they are playing their classes. Are they doing a normal rotation? Using their cooldowns wisely?

Once you test them you can give them real feedback as to how well they are doing in relation to others and what they can change besides the obvious gear/enchant/gem choices.

This is a superb guild leaders tool and I plan on using it often once this patch hits. My bet is that I am going to increase the performance of at least a few guild members, and that could make the difference between winning and losing our quest to Illidan before WOTLK.

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