Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WoW EJ's are FTL!

Now that you've decided your endgame remember that every other guild leader has made this same choice(or it was made for them due to lack of choosing). Their choices are as much correct as yours is. Do not find fault in them for making a decision that is not the same as your own. The important part of this statement lies primarily in the execution, rather than the choice.

As i mentioned at the close of yesterdays post, the direction of a guild can change at any time. A guild that is a raiding guild now could have been primarily a family guild months before. Similarly the direction of guilds are held by time and other guild member circumstances. A guild may be formed because its former self was not able to do what the leadership hoped(or the leadership was poorly executing its chosen direction).

What I am trying to get at is to warn against forming an elitist jerk attitude towards unequal guilds(even attitudes like this towards equal guilds is not positive, albeit hard to control since you are actively "competing" with these guilds).

Take for instance No Vacancy. We were formed one year after Burning Crusade launched, and we were formed out of guilds which lacked the direction we wanted. Some guilds on our server have been around well before BC and some formed well after we did. We have no right treating higher guilds with nothing less than respect and newer guilds with the same.

Just because we started late or earlier than any guild does not make us better or worse. The only time that even becomes part of the picture is when guilds are at the same location of progression)IE- Both guilds are 2/6 SSC). Then it becomes part of the whole competition that we all get into. The guild who succeeds first can claim to be better assuming all others things equal. But a guild 2/6 SSC can not claim superiority over a guild that has yet to down Gruul, unless of course both guilds started equally.

I understand that this topic is a very grey area type topic and my explanation of it is not necessarily the most eloquent but remember, the most accomplished guilds are not necessarily the best. The best guilds are the ones who humbly complete the content. Having a bad reputation as a guild is just as bad as having a reputation of a ninja as a player.

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