Thursday, October 30, 2008

WoW: The Guild Bank

One of the best tools in World of Warcraft is the guild bank. This lets you transfer items to your guildies without you having to be around. It gives you the opportunity to pool everyones resources together to help accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.

As with every function of the guild it is important that your guild mates know how the bank operates. Since the guild bank is fairly straightforward and everyone has their own ideas of how it should operate I'll just explain No Vacancy's guild bank.

Over the months NV has built up a good amount of resources, primarily from one our raid rules that states that all BOE items obtained in raids belong to the guild bank. Most of these items are sold in the auction house and guild members are given a discount of 50% on the majority of items. All proceeds go automatically back in the guild bank. This has afforded us enough cash to purchase all bank slots(although a few slots were donated by guild members in our infancy), pay for all tank repair(will explain more in a later post), and provide a plethora of free or discounted items to guildies.

Bank Tabs:

Tab 1 (Raid Stuff): This tab has traditionally only been accessible by myself. When we first started the guild this tab was filled with all my personal herbs(as NV's former function was an alt/banker guild). As we started and it became unfeasible to keep for myself it turned into what it is now, which is the place we put our most expensive raid lots(epic gems, hearts of darkness, etc). We kept it to limited by the officers to minimize our losses if we were hacked(and we were eventually, at which time it was locked down to only accessible by myself). Now that all our officers have an authenticator it has become accessible by the officers again. Of course there are no high priced items in the game right now (but there will be with WOTLK) so it is a pretty empty tab.

Tab 2 (Food and Potions): This tab has always been a free for all tab containing our most worthless(AH wise) items. People deposit and withdraw whatever they want(until I do a mass cleaning and destroy all the grays some joker clogs the tab up with).

Tab 3 (Currently Inscriptions): This tab has changed a lot. It used to be another free for all tab but that was consolidated into Tab 2 when we needed a place to store the shadow resist set materials. Recently is has changed to a tab full of inscriptions, now that we are done with needing shadow sets.

Tab 4 (Deposit Only): This tab has been an officer only tab from the time we bought it. It contains our lesser priced consumables and items such as gems, potion injectors, primals, and enchanting mats. All items in this tab are items guildies pay 1/2 market price for. It used to be solely a tab for people to put all their donations in but keeping a whole tab empty save for the few donations a day we get(if that) became impractical so we gave it a second use.

Tab 5 (Raid Tools): At one point in our raiding we decided to provide our full time raid members free lesser expendables(everything but mana/health pots and flasks). Each Monday we would restock it for the raid week. Only our full time raiders have access to this tab. it was being abused at one point(you really need a stack of agility elixirs to run heroic ramparts on weekends?!?!) so it gets locked at the end of the raid week and reopened at the beginning. It is a limited withdrawal(3) tab as well.

Tab 6 (Herbs and Flasks): When we first bought this tab it was because we had more than enough gold to, s we did it just because. I initially filled it with cookies and milk ad made it only accessible by myself but that didn't go over well so eventually we turned it into a tab filled with herbs to make our free raid elixirs. This tab is accessible by officers only and guildies can purchase the herbs and flasks(and the other trade-skill items which have ended up in this tab) for half market price.

Hopefully that is a good overview of how our bank generally operates. Maybe it gives you and idea of how you might want to operate your own. Do you operate your completely different of have an extremely different idea about how the bank(or just a tab within it) should operate? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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