Thursday, November 6, 2008

WoW Officers: Promotions

The art of picking officers can be a tough one(even Chuck Norris needs to it seems). No Vacancy is currently in the hunt for a new officer(or two) in preperation of the expansion and intent of our guild to get much larger as we recruit like madmen to raid at 80. But how do you go about picking these people that will be your right hand men(or women) in the fun that is leading a guild?

There are a bunch of different ways of going about this, ranging from the simple to the complicated. The more complicated it gets the longer it takes.

The simplest of all styles of choosing is to have your guild do it. Hold a large vote and whomever gains the popular vote wins! The only problem with this is that it becomes a pageant and people who may be a bad leader end up getting to be an officer because they have more friends in the guild.

The next process is to complicate it a little bit by assigning certain qualifications for a person to be voted upon(Ie- they must be on the raid team, or must have been in the guild 6 months, etc..). This cuts down the possible candidates a little bit but still can leave out newer people who are, in the end, your best possible candidates.

You can keep complicating that until you get to the point where it becomes your own decision based on a wide range of requirements and too much input from too many people both in-game and out.

The best way of doing it(in my opinion of course) is to find a happy medium of qualifying a candidate and making it so that your guild mates are happy with the person chosen.

No Vacancy has had different ways of chosing officers in the past, and we haven't chosen a specific one this time around yet. Mainly because each time we need a new officer we are at a different place in our progression as a guild, which means a different set of criteria is needed each time. A free for all democratic system may work at the beginnign when you just need people to start but when you need a raid leader you need to choose based on specific qualifications.

What process does your guild use? We're still trying to decide which form to use for this set of promotions and I would love to hear input about possible ideas. I'll post the criteria we decided upon in a post once we've decided upon it as well.

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