Sunday, November 9, 2008

WoW Officers: What not to do

"Kree you talked about responsibilities yesterday, but I don't know what an officer is NOT supposed to do!"

No problem, I got you covered.

The biggest problem that I've seen with a newly promoted officer is when they think they are going to change the world. Remember, as a new officer, you were promoted to fill a gap. That could mean you were promoted for a specific job or maybe just as a general officer to help represent the guild members. But you were not promoted to become the next leader(well maybe you were but in most cases you aren't).

Remember that the leadership that is currently in place has existed, more than likely, as a continuous leadership for probably some time. While they should welcome you in they have a general way of doings things that they formed together over the time of leading. You want to be part of that process, not the one going against it. Sure, you may have ideas of change, but you need to approach them in a way that the rest of the leadership will accept it, otherwise you will be sorely disappointed.

The other largest problem that I've seen is the rock star syndrome. And officer gets promoted and within no time they are acting like they are king of the guild. They get this attitude that being a leader of the guild means they are better than everyone else in the guild. They quickly become the most disliked person in the guild. I have seen too many guilds bomb because of a person like this(most often it's a wife, GF, husband, etc of the GM and shouldn't be an officer anyways). Don't be this person, it's the quickest way to get everyone to hate you and get a fast demotion.

Personally I think that these are the two primary problems I have seen with a person being promoted to an officer. What else should you not do? Just be who you were before you made the officer rank. You were promoted based on who you were, not who you might try to be. What the current leadership wnats from you is what type of person you were before, not some special type of person you are pretending to be.

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