Friday, January 23, 2009

Feedback #5: Collusion is absurd.

Dave said...

DKP has always struck me as another of the bizarre trends among the untrusting nerd-dom of the internet. Instead of gearing for the benefit of the whole, you have to put artificial rules in place to maintain order. Kree's post is especially absurd when he talks about collusion, as if DKP were some reality TV show where people made backstage deals, always aware that their partners may be stabbing them in the back for a chance at "phat loot"

Then again, I run in a group that just does 10 mans, with basically the exact same setup every week, give or take a PuG. Whoever it's the biggest upgrade for gets it. Hunters don't roll on leather unless there's no rogues/druids around (or it's a marginal upgrade for them). I imagine things could get hectic in a 25-man setting when maybe 5-10 of your guys rotate out every week and no real sense of camraderie is built up. If that's the case, then they can have it. I'd rather be in a tight 10 man where every drop benefits the whole than a loose 25 man where people are scrambling over each other for scraps.
This was from the Wowinsider comments. Dave is coming from a 10 man only background where DKP systems really don't necessarily need to be involved (if they are an extension of your larger raids you may choose to include them in the system). In a larger groups such as 25 man raids (which often need to have as many as 50 people to function regularly) a simple need vs greed system doesn't always work. Often times that system backfires on the progression of the raid team because the people who do the least work are the ones with the most need consistently.

What gets me the most here is that both Dave here and Mike Schramm who posted the WoWInsider post took my talk of collusion and focused in on the purposeful malicious part and not the more prominent occidental version. The majority of collusion in DKP is the loot itself (remember my example of the "Curse of Kree"?). Sure I talked about the "Survival" type collusion but like I said before, not everyone you play with is your best bud, you need to know that there is a possibility of people trying to work your system to their favour.

But Dave, that is the beauty of WoW, you can do whatever you want. And now that everything is also in 10 man form you too can see the content without having to deal with a larger raid force.

Having larger guild does not mean there is no sense of camaraderie. The camaraderie is formed between people over time, it doesn't matter if it's a 5 man or a 40 man. Some of my raiders have been with me for a very long time and we've developed a great gaming relationship with each other. It is when you add in the unknown newer members that a basic mistrust can happen, especially if newer members don't try to earn their spot into your close knit team.

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