Friday, January 23, 2009

Feedback #4: You missed one!

Another Anonymous says:

Inflation isn't necessarily a problem. It's frequently the design. You cite the idea of an established raider having the dkp to dictate drops while the new raider is at the whim of the veterans. That's the point.

If you've been raiding Naxx for four months straight, have picked up everything except a trinket and a weapon upgrade, and someone new to your guild having zero Naxx drops is in the raid as well, that new guy is going to have little or no competition for 15 slots worth of drops, but when the weapon and trinket you've been farming the place for 4 months hoping to get those two drops, your time investment is supposed to mean something. And once you've taken the weapon and trinket, it won't matter how much DKP you have compared to the noob, you can't have two...

There are some questionable areas where inflation could be unfair, like if your guild has been carrying over the DKP you farmed from MC 3 years ago as if what you did there matters to progression today, then yeah, that's a bit of an issue. But if the DKP system's intent is to make sure that time invested in an instance results in people earning the drops they want/or need over those without the same time investment? That's not a pitfall, it's the purpose.
I already talked about how inflation was actually the symptoms of a system doing it's job well. The one solution I did not talk about in regards to inflation is a points reset like Anonymous(lets call him Bob) suggested. I should have thought of it because to me it was a given. But, it's not necessarily always a given. For instance, sometimes you don't want to reset it every instance because then DKP doesn't build up enough and too many people start at zero that shouldn't. New members get 100% equality with older members by completely resetting the DKP.

The other thing Angelie suggests in her post (post #11) is Separate Instancing DKP. For instance you would run a system for Naxx and a system for Obsidian Sanctum (or more likely a system for Tier 7 and a system for T8). Each system would have separate DKP and you could only spend the DKP for that system during those raids. That gets confusing at times though because people have a hard time remembering their DKP for the specific system if you are running multiple raid era's at once.

These are some good alternatives to help solve some of the issues you may face when starting up your DKP system. Thanks Bob!

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