Friday, January 30, 2009

Wasting Time or Getting Gear?

Brandon mentioned in a comment to the Enforcing Raid Rules post back a week or so ago that DKP systems slow things down and are pointless to use in smaller raids. At what point do DKP systems go past their usability and become a burden?

Through the history of No Vacancy we've gone through many loot systems for this very reason. We actually started with a council loot system but the constant bickering and favoritism perceptions led us to adopt a system which has less decision making. This helped make those headaches of a council loot system subside.

Karazhan was actually the place that caused all of the issues and the reason we spent so much time developing a system that was as fair to everyone as possible. We decided not to implement this until we were raiding tier 5 and instead of applying it to Kara retroactively we kept kara as loot council. Our reasoning was that many things were being sharded by then so it really wasn't worth the effort to add that. In fact, all of Tier 4 content remained the same (until the Dragonspine Trophy went to a rogue with a green and after that it became part of the new system).

While loot council worked well at the last stages of Karazhan, the headaches that happened when Kara was important to us as a guild made us completely abolish the system in Lich King. We did slightly alter our DKP system (lower minimum bids) a little bit in 10 mans so that people would be more willing to take an offset piece rather than have it rot, but we have seen things for as much as the 25 man gear. So while this gear is needed gear to get to the next level Naxx will be on a DKP system.

Now I will admit things do slow down a bit with a DKP system, but if run correctly it;s not much slower than even the in-game roll system. Most gear systems are not fast, at least if you want to give the loot out fairly, and loot is one of those things that will always slow a raid down. The looter is the only person who can't move on to the next set of trash immediately so really it doesn't matter how long the bidding process goes because you can be well on your way to the next boss (or in some cases just taking a much needed respite).

However, No Vacancy 10 mans tend to be more like 13-15 mans so there is a bit of subbing (we have enough to run two groups but not three complete groups atm). I think as the weeks go by and we quickly pass up the need for 10 man Naxx items at all it will be back to the original Kara system quick. But Ulduar 10m will be back on DKP and so forth.

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