Saturday, March 7, 2009

PTR Raiding: Kologarn

Matticus from World of Matticus invited me to test out another boss on the PTR. This time we were able to zone in early so I can actually give you some real feedback on some real attempts. This is going to be fun! I'll be updating this post all night until we are done.

7:13 - Waiting on some people to get here but have a majority of people here already.
7:15 - He has 4.9 Million hit points but his left and right arm are targetable and have 1.3 Million each. His aggro range is just past the grey tile.
7:19 - We pull!
7:20- 50% on right arm, 85% on right arm, full on himself. I was primary tank.. he puts a armor debuff on you.. i ended up with 4 stacks of it which brought me down to 6k armor, we're going to have to have a tank swap on this. When i charged in on the Right hand it put me at his belly. Eye beams were hitting the raid pretty hard.. going to try to avoid them better next time.
7:26 - Lets do eet again.
7:28 - Right arm to 28%, can not taunt arms. I'm changing to tanking Kologarn and we only are going to dps the arms when someone gets grabbed.
7:33 - Rezzed up and here we go.
7:39 - Group member has connection issue so replacing him for now.
7:41 - The pally healer is HOT!!
7:45 - Right arm to 18%, got him down 200k (about 95%). We didn't focus fire on him but the arms still. 9 manned it.. Looks liek he stacks armor debuffs based on proximity. checking on next test with holy pally in proximity.
7:54 - Ok not a proximity thing, he is tauntable and can taunt each time you get debuff as the previous debuff wears off before a second one gets on. We're going to taunt every time we get the debuff. No one saw how far we got the Right arm down, I'm setting up a main tank window now to monitor that. 
7:59 - Quick break for bio's
8:04 - Back and we pull, going well
8:05 - Everyone gets booted offline. Logging back on to umm.. yeah full load bar so far and nothing.
8:13 - I'm stuck on load screen, other's are in but in Dalaran. That last pull looked great, especially considering we had 8. They better not shut us down before we get it back together. GAH!
8:17 - Woot I'm Ulduar, everyone else still not in yet. Some can't get online yet either.
8:30 - Message that he's only up for another 20 minutes.. Looks like everyone logged because of it making us able to zone in. woot we're going for it still!
8:34 - Crap, me and the shadow priest are in a different instance.. running out
8:36 - We're back in.. i threw baby spice at him.. OMG SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!! Screen shot later.

8:39 - the second tank is having trouble logging in. this could spell the end of our fun. QQ
8:46 - He's in. 9 manning it, looks to be our last attempt.. Let's make it a good one.
8:50 - Right arm killed.. and adds spawned.. we were not ready.. special treat.. when he loses and arm he says "It's only a flesh wound!" Note: The person who is NOT tanking can get picked up by his hand (note: his right hand picks up people, his left hand sweeps the raid)
8:52 - Respawn not available anymore.. We get one more shot. We're switching straight  to DPSing the boss solely.
9:05 - 37%, DPSing the boss is the way to go for sure. Need to switch to the arms when people get picked up but they seem to be more of a soft enrage than anything. We noticed that the boss had a Grobbulus sort of thing where he would pick up people more frequently as he got lower in health. That may have been the case but it felt like it.
9:16 - According to Matticus, we have officially killed the boss but unfortunately we got kicked out of the instance and didn't see any loot. Nuts.

Thanks for following this live blog. This boss was a lot of fun to work on and I hope to do more in the future. Tomorrow Flame Leviathon is up so if I am able to make a raid during that time then I'll blog that one too.

Thanks to all who joined us:
Matticus from World of Matticus
Fellina from Wowinsider
Mostlycholo from Wowinsider
Aislinana from Northrend Commonwealth
Havokweaver from No Vacancy

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