Friday, March 13, 2009

PTR Raiding: Mimiron

So I know I haven't posted in a few days, mainly because I've been really busy, but I have the chance to raid with Matticus again. This time on Mimiron. I really enjoyed doing the live blogging last time we did this so I'm going to do it again. Check back throughout the next few hours to read up on our progress!

7:23 - Finished downloading patch, no que to get online, made it into instance.. Woot they put what looks to be permanent McWeaksauces up next to the portals for our flask and food needs. Of course they don't have any Flask of Chromatic Wonders.

7:27 - We are short one person, preferably a healer. Anyone want in?

7:30 - Well while we wait.. Little explanation as to our surroundings. Mimiron is in a huge room called "The Spark of Imagination". He's a little gnome mechanical dude repairing a vehicle in the middle of his room. Around the outside of his room is some roaming bombs that are easy to avoid.. They hurt. Behind the vehicle that he's on is a big red button that says DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON!

7:39 - We're pulling with 9.. We think he's a 1 tank fight so I'm pretending to DPS. When we engage he jumps into his little vehicle.

7:44 - Second attempt I got stuck outside the gate.. he can't be reset.. dumb. I died watching everyone.. fun. He's doing a plasma charge that's hitting the tank for 16k.. no cast bar, not spell reflectable. Looks like we need to heal through it.. We see little yellow particle effects on his cannon when he about to use it.

7:58 - We got kicked offline. when we came back we took a detour and took the tram.. on the other side there was a group of trash mobs.. literally. (pictures later I promise, for everything).

8:03 - Another Pull. He isn't doing his fire things on the ground this time but he laid a crapton of mines all over the place.

8:07 - Pull again... We're not lasting long.. trying to kite him around.. Not sure that is the way to do it. I'm going to try to offtank bear boss style (with the cleaves). to see if we can lower the damage incoming.

8:17 - Just got him to about 38%. He IS tauntable.. DPS classes are broken.. they can do instant pyroblasts every global cooldown.. Aggro tough. Next attempt we are going to try to shield wall on first tank then I'll taunt off and Barkskin + Survival Instincts.

8:20 - We still need another for 10 (need a healer!).. I noobed it up and died to his AOE blast which does 100k in a 10 yard radius.. We timed the Lightning strike.. he does it on a 30 second timer... we did get him to 14% that time.. This is only first phase of 4 mind you.

8:34 - Quick break

8:37 - Well we got him to phase two.. I didn't noob it up and actually tanked but yeah I got owned..

8:48 - We keep trying to get other people in but invite are bugged now for some reason.. We finally had a healer too. hop eit fixes soon. We think the lack of healer is what is killing us during the plasma blast thing.

8:51 - BTW his aggro range is wicked close.. See attached picture (at end of night when I put pictures in).

8:56 - Invite bug still crap. I noobed it up again and got caught in the lightning again.. got a rez charged in.. warrior died to the plasma bolt.. I taunted after he died but I couldn't get healed through it even with all my trinkets and cool downs popped.

9:01 - We pulled and I taunted but didn't realize that my cooldowns weren't finished counting down.. We got to phase 2 though. Phase two.. This is a new.. He turns into this gun vehicle in the center of the room.. does not move, has no aggro table.. he points in different direction and just fires.. you move out of it.. there is a lot of raid damage here.. But on our first attempt we got it to 5%.. not bad at all. He does a spinning top spell.. it's castable and when it's done he starts form where he is pointing and moves around about 1/4 turn with high damage a la Lurker. he also randomly shoots rockets off his back which target a raid member.. they land where the person was when they launches so you CAN move away.. They do a lot of damage. This is a very mobile but pretty easy phase.

9:15 - Another attempt.. the shammy pulled aggro before the tanks had aggro.. I taunted so the warrior could taunt off me but he didn't and so I popped all my cool downs right when he started casting the plasma bolt.. At that very moment the warrior taunted.. bad communication.. and I died to the lightning thing again.. Man I am really bad at this tonight. ugh.

9:22 - Mage's computer keeps getting overheated.. when he logged back on his massive dps instant cast pyroblast bug is fixed..

9:32 - Both tanks lived until the very end of phase 1.. as about to use the battle rez when the shammy stepped on the land mines in the room and blew up.. we were down 3 people at that point so saved the battle rez.

9:37 - We have got to be doing something wrong with phase one.. That plasma beam is destroying us. Course he's not the first boss in the instance so maybe they are assuming to be able to two heal it you'll need to have slightly more gear on the healers and tanks (Patchwerk was the same so that makes sense).

9:41 - Woot.. lagged out on the lightning thing.. so even if I don't screw it up my computer/connection/whatever does it for me.. I am definitely not at the top of my game tonight.. the weak link (minus the 10th person we can't invite cause of the invite bug). Guess I'm lucky I can't be replaced.

9:44 - Just found out that the 25 man version gets emotes on certain things.. the 10 does not.. So at least we can say we tried it the sorta hard way.

9:46 - The DPS keeps stealing aggro off the tanks still.. he's throwing mines all over the place and causing more damage to the raid.. We got through phase one again but with both tanks dead and no battle rezzes available to rez me to rez someone else. They went with it anyways.. Think this is our last attempt tonight.. People need to leave and we can't invite so can't replace. 4 people took him down almost all the way.. one died at 10%.. 3 took him down all the way to Phase 3!! 2 healers and a dps..

Phase 3.. He jumps in a flying head and starts shooting things out of his mouth.. Spawns adds. yeah they got owned.. he had 1.1 million health.. The previous two phases had 1.7m each.

9:54 - We are officially done. Thanks for following if you did. Tomorrow night Hodir is up and I hope to do the same live blogging. Same time. Feel free to join us starting at 6:30pm EST on the PTR.. Just whisper Kreeoni and I'll try to get you in. I'll get all the pictures up within the next few minute's so you can see all the fun we had.

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