Thursday, March 26, 2009

Using the Achievements System to Your Advantage

Since I've gotten on the topic of achievements the last week or so lets tie it into guild leadership. How can you make the achievement system work for your advantage as a guild leader?

The one thing I have talked about the least when it comes to guild leadership is recruitment. That is because previously our recruitment standards were pretty low and loosely based and I really wasn't very good at recruitment because of it. However we have revamped our whole system (I'll post on that later) and we now use more tools for recruiting. The best thing that the achievement system has given us is the fact that we can look up everyones achievements on their armory profile, which has great uses for recruiting.

For instance, when I am looking at a new recruits application I pull up their armory profile and check on their achievements. Here is a list of the things I personally find important to look at for our guilds needs:

- When did they hit 80? Are they new to the level or have they been at it for a while?
- How many achievement points do they have? If they have a low amount for the level it means they are probably a reroll character or even a newer 80. Having a lot of achievement points doesn't necessarily disprove this but it does show how much the person cares about their specific character (any character under 1k would definitely be a warning flag).
- Has the person earned the Superior Achievement? Epic? Or are they wanting to join so you can gear them up without them putting any time into their own character before raiding?
- What rank of Emblems of Heroism has the person got to? The more the better. It means they actually took the time to run heroics and 10 mans to at least go for what they thought they needed for their character. Someone with a low amount of this rank probably doesn't have the right intentions.
- Do they have any Emblems of Valor? How many? This shows they at least pugged VoA a few times and have been in a 25 man situation. This leads to the more important things for my recruiting.
- What 5 man heroic, 10 man, and 25 man achievements have they completed? Have they completed all of Naxxramas in at least 10 man mode? Safety Dance? etc? No Vacancy is at the point now that we aren't going to teach people how to raid these fights. Knowing even the basics of these fights is a good sign. But why the 5 mans? It goes with some of the above. How much a person has put into their character.

These are, of course, the way I look at things and only part of what I use for recruitment. A PvP guild has their own sections to look at as does any other type of guild. Previously our only way to look at a recruit was via their reputations and their gear. The achievement system lets us see a little more information about a person and how they feel about their character. It gives you that extra tool to recruit someone who is going to fit with your guild a little better.

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