Thursday, September 11, 2008

WoW Consumables: Weapon

Forgive me for the skipped day for posting. I have had a bit of writers block lately, I know that I have a bunch of topic ideas but getting them started has been a bit of a bear.

So I decided I'd talk a little bit about consumables for raids.

Today i figured I'd focus in on temporary weapon enchants. I feel like this is the most underused buff that people don't use/know about for raiding.

There aren't that many options when it comes to this particular consumable. There are only 6(7 sorta with Windfury) total weapon consumable types in the game currently; mana oil, wizard oil, sharpening stones, weightstones, rogue poisons, and alchemical oils. Of these categories, alchemical oils are useless within raiding and rogues are obviously the only ones able to use rogue poisons.

Which leaves you with 4 choices, all of which are obvious based on what you need. Wizard oil gives you more spell damage, Mana gives more mana regeneration(MP5), sharpening stones gives weapon damage to sharp weapons, and weightstones does the same to blunt weapons.

Within each section of weapon consumables there are more specific types. For raiding, here is a quick list of the only real valuable weapon consumables:

Mana oils(created by enchanters) - Superior (+14 MP5), Brilliant(+12MP5 and +25 Healing)
Wizard oils(created by enchanters) - Superior(+42 Spell Damage), Brilliant(+36 Spell Damage and +14 Spell critical strike)
Sharpening Stones(created by blacksmiths) - Adamantite(+12 weapon damage and +14 Critical Strike), Elemental(+28 Critical Strike)
Weightstones(created by blacksmiths) - Adamantite(+12 weapon damage and +14 Critical Strike)

All weapon consumables persist through death as they are a buff to your weapons and not your person. They can be put on multiple weapons but only give you the effect on the weapons that are equipped. If you equip a new weapon then to get the effect you must put on another consumable.

If you are melee and are in an elemental shaman's group then you need to remove the weapon consumable to be able to use the Windfury proc. Feral druids do receive the effect of the weapon consumables but can no currently receive Windfury procs. Only one weapon enchant may be on a weapon at a given time.

Rogues should weigh their poisons vs the various weapon consumables and make a decision based on the boss fights. Make sure you are always carrying a good amount of Wound poison(or supplies) as that tends to be the one you will need to use more often to help out the raid(IE. Caribdis in the Fathom Lord Karathress fight).

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