Thursday, September 25, 2008

WoW Class Research: Druid

I apologize for the delay in this post, I have had some personal matters to attend to along with a bit of writers block on this subject. Within a few weeks a patch will be coming out for WoW that will change the way all classes will be played and geared so my original intentions of helping people figure out best raid spec, raid gear choices, enchants, etc will be worthless in no time. Instead I will spend the next few days just giving classes a few websites they can go to find out more information on how to play the class/spec now and in the near future.

Lets start with Druids, 1) cause it's what I play and 2) cause it's first alphabetically. Druids also give us a good starting place because they can be every classes spring board if you want to get ahead of my posts.

Druid Wiki - "a compilation of guides and information on just about every aspect of the Druid class in World of Warcraft." personally I find more information on Feral than anything there."

WoW Druid Forums - Especially important now that things are changing with the patch. Lot of great info there.

Feral Druid Megathread - I'm sure there are some for the other specs too but since I am feral and always have been I only have bookmarks to feral stuff, sorry. This is a work in progress thread which has all that mathematical info you don't care about(or sometimes you do).

The Druids Grove - A site I used back in my EQ days back when druids were different. They have WoW stuff too now. Yaya!

Resto4Life - You got it. It's a blog for resto druids. It's a good one too.

Big Bear Butt - It's a feral druid blog but the letters are all small so I cant read it from far away like most sites. Advantage is that he writes like me, long winded. Good info though too and has been writing for a while. Often goes to other non-druid topics which can be helpful for others too.

Of Teeth and Claws - Another feral druid blog. Stays pretty well on topic and is definitely delving into pertinent information for the upcoming patch and expansion.

Unbearably Hot - Yet another Feral blog. Seems to be pretty close with the Resto4Life blogger so they share some posts at times. Another great resource.

Gray Matter - Ok I admit, I have absolutely no experience as boomkin. I don't even have an offset boomkin set so I had to search around for this site. It looks decent though and he does two things, talks a lot like me and does topic posts like me(ie - WoW Class Research - Druid)

There is definitely a lot of info out there so if these don't help then go to Yahoo or Google or whatever site you use to search things up and look for it.

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