Sunday, October 12, 2008

WoW Blizzcon News - Day 2

The picture to the right is Friday nights costume contest winner.  Looks like she really put a lot into it, great job and congratulations. Now, back to the topic.

Blizzcon Day 2 was a very quiet day. There was almost no news and certainly no amazing revelations like what was hoped for. I don't really have much to talk about today because there was not a whole lot that would pertain to GM's.

There was a Raid's and Dungeons Panel that garnered some information. Most information pertained to specific instances or encounters in the expansion(which i will not talk about until it gets closer to actually mattering for us). In fact the only information that would help benefit anyone is that the LFG system is going to be revamped and that they are thinking of making an AFK feature that will kick people form the instance without having to wait the 30 minutes for them to get disconnected(which you can do right now anyways by removing them from the raid, letting them ghetto hearth).

There was another Developer Q&A session today too but the only real non-class related information that came form that is that you will no longer be dismounted in water, the mounts will instead swim.

A second Class Discussion Panel happened today where they gave a little more information about the Dual Spec. Action bars will be saved with the specs so that you don't have to redo all your key bindings between specs. Also the Glyph system will be tied in with the system so that you will automatically switch glyphs based on the spec. They are really making this whole system very streamlined and almost too easy.

That concludes all that was Blizzcon 2008, here's to hoping next year is more interesting. Man I am glad I didn't go, I think all I'd be writing about these few days is how I want to pummel peopel because I stood in line for 18 hours to get a stuffed Murloc(I hate Murlocs!).

As a side note I participated in a live chat during All Things Azeroth's podcast on Friday. It was running during some of the announcements at Blizzcon. I did all my comments via text but you can hear the responses to what I had to say in the podcast, check it out here.

Image provided by Wow Insider.

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