Saturday, October 11, 2008

WoW Threat Meter

So yesterday I sung praises of the new WoW Calendar. Today, I sing the praises of Omen.

This new threat thing Blizzard has given us has fallen really short. It's not really inaccurate necessarily, it just doesn't give enough information and it's really hard to read for various situations.

As you can see in the above screenshot this is what it looks like. Around the targets name is a red aura with 100% above the name. Plus if you have the Enemy Name Plates showing(highly recommended I might add) then it too goes red. And if you hover the mouse over the mob then it says 100%. This is all because I am "tanking" the mob. Obviously I was not in a group with anyone but if they were to do the same things they would show whatever threat they had in relation to myself. The red aura changes to orange and yellow(and my guess is down to green but I personally have never seen a mob go that far down before I either had aggro back or it was dead) to graphically let you know whereabout you are on threat.

The biggest downfall that it really has is it doesn't give you your threat per second and it doesn't show you everyone else's compared to you. If you are the tank you are going to stick with your normal rotation and not start blowing longer cooldowns for more threat if you don't know you are about to lose aggro. And once it's lost it may be way too late, especially for untauntable mobs.

For raiding those are very important things, and to an extent when you are in 5 mans too as you level up. For that reason the in-game is actually a help. Not everyone on the server is going to raid and a majority don't know what Omen is, much less an addon. So this at least givens those people an indication as to where people are in relation to them. Of course, it has to be turned on in options and at least on the Beta/PTR on was not the default. But that's an easy fix if you can figure out how to walk them through the 3 steps to turn it on. So as a backup this is a great addon but other than that this is an underdone addition to Blizzards acquiring of addons.

Still, if you use Omen, then keep it. They update that addon more than any addon I have ever seen updated(i swear they update at least once an hour) and especially around patch time.

My guess is that the WoW Threat Meter will go the way of the WoW Voice Chat. It works for the casuals who don't know that there is better but will never work for the raiders/hard core people.

Edit: I realize the picture for the threat meter is hard to read, I'm in the process of trying to update the layout of the blog which is hopefully going to make it wider. This should let me post clearer screenshots of important thing like the threat meter.

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