Monday, October 13, 2008

WoW Patch 3.0: On the Horizon

With patch 3.0 being unofficially confirmed at Blizzcon to be Tuesday(or at least officially confirmed to be sometime this week) we have one or two days before everything goes haywire. All those new specs going everywhere and inscription and achievements. It's going to be a crazy week, that is for sure. If you haven't gotten your "Hand of Ad'al" or "Champion of the Naruu" titles then you have until patch day(which means you probably have less than a day from this post).

I mentioned last week that you should continue raiding after this patch hits and I mean it. But does that mean you plow through it all right now as soon as the patch hits? Will the firestorm that is going to be this week I suggest you take it slow. No Vacancy is going to cancel our raid the day of patch. We want people who didn't have a chance to go on the PTR or Beta to test out their specs and get comfortable enough with them. Maybe run some Kara groups that evening or 5 mans. We only plan to cancel one night of raiding though, the next night we plan on starting back up. However, we are going to start slow and work our way up. My plan is that come raid time we will head to Gruul's Lair and show him a thing or two and then go to some T5. If we look comfortable enough then the next night we will start heading back into our T6 raiding. By next week the goal is to be back to full swing, but it all depends on how people react to their class changes(as well as to how many re-patches Blizzard has to do). Make sure that you pay attention to how your guild is handling things this week. Don't go bum rushing right into your top content thinking you will destroy it, going in not prepared and failing will do nothing for morale. If it takes a few days for people to get up to speed then that's what it takes but after it's all said and done my guess is you will get something new down.

What is your guild doing in preparation for 3.0? Are you taking the week off or plowing right into it? I'd love to hear your feedback on this. Whatever it might be I wish you luck and hope that new bosses are dead very soon for you!!

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