Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stumped? Here's some Boss Research tips.

I have gotten a lot of questions lately wondering where I get my knowledge on bosses from. This sounds like a great opportunity to plug a few good sites (although they aren't paying me to advertise for them of course).

In BC I primarily used Bosskillers as my raid research. When LK came out Bosskillers was behind the 8 ball and had no writeups for the content when we were trying to progress. Since then they have mostly filled out their boss information but they are still behind so I don't really use them that much anymore.

Now, I use Wowwiki as my primary source. They are like any wiki with general members editing the posts but they tend to be more up to date than others because of this.

Of course I don't just rely on a single source because there can be multiple usable tactics for bosses. WoWhead has been pretty useful in adding more information to boss fights for me, primarily because of their comment section on each item/boss/etc.. Sure you get a lot of stupid posts there but you can find a lot of good posts about fights there too if you are willing to filter through them.

WTB Blue is a site that I have used a lot now too. The runner of this site has posted a lot of good comments on Wowhead and I randomly stumbled upon the site but there is a lot of good simple breakdowns to fights.

Youtube is still the best way to find videos of all the fights. Your best bet is to type in + how to in the search engine and you usually end up with a bunch of decent videos with text overlaps that show you how to do fights. If you've already done the research and just want to see the fight before you do them there are a ton of boss kill videos on Youtube. I just hope you like techno music. :)

And of course if these aren't giving you the information that you need or you want some extra info on a fight you can search engine them. I personally use Yahoo but Google and the other websites work just as well.

And if you are really stumped then you can e-mail me and I'll help you find some good info.

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