Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to all!

Today is the day for endless making of promisses to break, top 10 lists of last years accomplishments, and huge hangovers. I am usually one to not stick with traditions but I'm on a 5 hour bus trip to NYC so what the hell, I have time.

Hmm.. well let's start with the handover. Ok well since I'm actually writing this on the 31st and entering it on the blog tomorrow I have none. But you never know.(Update: I was so tired last night that I drank hardly anything, oh well, next year I guess.)

Ok, Top 10 list. Hmm.. can't do a Top 10 Kree's Blog post cause well that would be all of them. I wonder where this tradition started anyways, it always makes me think of the movie High Fidelity (at least it had something memorable in it considering how bad a movie it was).

Oh I got it! Two top 10 lists(I have way too much time on my hands right now). First, top 10 people on the bus(with the wheels that go round and round):

1)The bus driver - So far been driving about 25 miles or so and have stopped twice("at least we can enjoy the snowy scenery in every city from Boston to NYC.")
2 & 3) The guys sitting in the row next to me - tourist from France is my guess. They do like chocolate though.
4 & 5)The ladies in that seat over there - they brougth McD's breakfast platter thing.. Yuck but I want some eggs!!!
6)The girl accross from me - reading a bleh girly magazine and spent the first 10 minutes talking loudly about her son and Peter Pan.
7)Another girl accross from me - Cute and quiet, with nice long brown hair. Bonus - she laughed at my snowy scenery joke :)
8)The Asian girl behind me - she looks all peaceful-like sleeping there.
9)ME! - What a handsome devil.
10)NO ONE!!! - Because I lucked out and got a seat by myself! I hate crowded seating arrangements!

Ok, the second( and more pertinent) top 10 list. Top 10 No Vacancy sayings(Warning: This list may not be appropriate for all audiences).

1)Squircle - Our most overused(and annoying) saying. During raids I something say the wrong mark for a next in line kill order. This was my attempt at correcting myself as it happened(Square, oh wait, there is a circle[icon I rarely like to use]).

2)Smoon - Same deal except I use moon as our primary sheep target. Bad day I guess.

3)Man Butter - I wasn't there at the time but this involves one of our hunters, a mistype, and an odd guild chat conversation. The missing a(in mana) spawned a guild craze resulting in PVP teams, alt guilds, and general fun. The hunter finally embraced his mistype by naming his Death Knight alt this phrase(albeit translated into Swedish or something).

4)"That's what she said" - Spme say this way popularized by The Officer. Those in NV know it was us.

5)"Her voice is so dreamy" - Our resident creepy old guy made this comment about a guildy at the beginning of last year. Of course I can't let him forget it!

6)Nips - Perverts! Nips in this case are creamy, hard candies that are oh so yummy. I got the guild addicted to them and eventually our raider rank got this title.

7)Pop a fat one - When we were first raiding Burning Crusade content we had a lot of tobacco chewers in the guild. For some reason we always ended up getting bosses down after these guys put in a fresh wad. Eventually this pertained to Nips too.

8)"Don't worry, I just Naaru'd myself" - The deadpan announcement from one of our tanks during a boss attempt(my guess is we were wiping but I forget that part). Quite possibly the funniest line said all year(delivery and all).

9)"No Vacancy is recruiting all classes 75+ for our 25 man raid team. PST to Kreeoni for more info!" - What?! It's true, well if you're not a DK or a Bear tank. And I'm sure Drenden's trade channel finds this almost as popular as "Heals don't crit" or Warglaive of Azzinoth.

10)TL;DR(Too Long; Didn't Read) - Usually the replies to any of my forum posts.

Bonus - "Poooling" - Coming from the same aforementioned tank. It became the battle cry of all our Leeroy's when starting our pulls.

You know, that was actually fun to write. I'll have to do it again sometime. I know I can think of a handful more(most probably involve my bear butt though I'm sure).

Now comes the part where I make huge resolutions that I probbaly won't keep:

1)Weight Loss - I plan to lose a couple of hundred pounds so I am a lean swiping machine. Shooting for around 600lbs, 800 doesn't look good on me.

2)Dye my fur white - I'm goin polar!!

3)Make lots of money blogging so I can ride the train instead of the bus.

4)Recruit 3 priests for NV.

5)Have NV break into the top 5 on the server.

6)Post more than once a month.

7)Start my marketing campaign for walking tours of Darnassus(it's a steal at 200$ a person!!)

Wow, that is by far my largest post ever! Update, the bus broke down so we changed to a new one and I lost my self only seating arragments :(. Still snowing and we're already running at least 2 hours late.

Happy New Years to all!

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