Friday, January 23, 2009

Feedback #2: Inflation is required?

Anonymous says:

Good solution, but it seems that you're missing the point of DKP system.

DKP system isn't the system to make people gear equally. It is not the system to make people get appropriate gear for their upgrade.
It's the system to make people come to raid more often, be on time, put effort into raiding. What you called 'inflation' is required for DKP system. With no inflation, people won't put effort into raid]. If you use Constrained bid system, it will be even worse, people will only come to raid if the boss have the gear they want, since it's percentage bid anyway.

DKP is a system that 'if you work more, you deserve more'

If you want a system to share gears equally no matter how often they come or how much effort they put into raiding, you should try using Suicide Kings instead.
I think that some people didn't read all of my posts before posting. Maybe I just didn't get everything across as much as I wanted to. I was trying to maintain simple with still giving information. The information I was giving out was not a, ok you need to do this or this won't work. This was a, ok here are the options, the possible pitfalls, and possible solutions. No Vacancy has a strong DKP system and that post was at least two scheduled posts into the future.

That being said, DKP is not only about making people want to come more often. Most guilds do the stuff for progression primarily. We want to see new bosses and face the challenges that they give us. The bonus that is given is the gear and unfortunately, the only way we can progress further a lot of the time is because of the gear. Enter the DKP system. It is merely a way to decide on who gets what gear at what time in what order. Some systems are hardened and you know who gets what loot before the raid even is started and some are loose and you never know what happens until the person is magically master looted the item after the boss has been killed.

Inflation is not a requirement of a DKP system, it is a fault of it. It is merely there because the system is working too well as a non-interested mediator. There is no human interaction deciding the outcomes and so therefore it forgets what happens as soon as it happens, resulting in the gradual buildup of the DKP. You say that people will not put effort into a raid without inflation but on the opposite those who are on the other end of the inflation would not want to put in effort. Equalizing the inflation keeps both parties happier than if just one had the supreme advantage.

A bid style DKP system would not fall under "if you work more, you deserve more." Lesser invested members would be able to compete with those who "worked more" after a short period of time.

Suicide kings, by the way, is a form of a constrained system. In Suicide Kings you must spend all your DKP on whatever item you win. So you end up at the bottom and the next in line gets the next piece of gear. This still requires people to invest time into the system to remain in their place. People still earn DKP over time but lose it every bid. Those who don't show up remain stagnant and get taken over by those who put in more time. Because it is a constrained system it helps combat inflation but it does not simply share gear equally.

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