Friday, January 23, 2009

Feedback #3: I Must Collude!

Anonymous #2 says:

Upbidding needs to happen. It is THE way of reducing senior members DKP. Collusion also happens but usually in regards to like you said upbidding. One thing you haven't hit on is class diversity. I collude with my fellow Retribution Paladin and similarly geared Fury Warrior. We try not to upbid each other unless it's an item that (A) we all want, and (B) we all have similar DKP to bid on. Then it's an all out war; which is fine, because everyone likes to see highly desired items go for a TON of DKP.

As for the newer members thing I think the building of DKP is a necessary evil. Something they have to go through to prove that they are not just here to bid their time gear up and skip on to another guild.

Upbidding is not a requirement of DKP. Upbidding is either 1) you're being a jerk, 2)the inflation was never dealt with in the system, or 3)you're being a jerk. If the answer is #2 like you are suggesting then you should try to get inflation solved in a way that doesn't cheese off the other members. Upbidding is one of those things which causes people to start disliking each other and it's really not something that needs to be introduced into a raid. Why have everyone chomping at each other's heads because they bid the other person up. It turns into a spiraling effect. Sure, upbidding is really tough to combat because you can't always tell if it's a real bid or not but if people are bidding each other up consistently you're slowly going to have a small scale conflict soon.

Colluding in some systems is just inevitable. In a wide open system where everyone see's each other's DKP both collusion and upbidding are just going to happen. The only problem is when these things are consistent and effecting the rest of the DKP system. If three people that use like items are keeping their DKP spending low by working out with each other then that effects all the others that don't have agreements. Then when a generalized item drops those three have a marketed advantage over everyone else.

I agree that newer members need to earn their way. There are too many people out there that will find the guilds with no loot system and milk it so they can move on to some higher guild as if they earned all this gear and do it all over again with another guild. We call these people greedy 13 year old bastards.*

*Note: 13 is a metaphor for, ahh nevermind.. it's 13, don't you have to go outside for recess now?!!?

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