Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Christmas in Six?

Well the show is up and running and everything is looking good. I came back on Monday to a lot of heartening comments on my last blog post and I'd like to say thank you to all of you who did comment. On Monday night we raided and halfway through I got up to get some more tea (I got a cold because of that stupid sleet nonsense) and I came back and the whole guild keyed up in Vent and sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a cacophony of sound but it was really kind of cool, definitely one of the best things that happened this weekend in relation to my birthday.

We got some new members over the weekend too which filled some major holes (like Death Knight of which we had none) so that was great. We're still looking for a good priest or two to heal for our Obsidian Sanctum extra drake attempts. We finally realized last night that the lack of just that one healer is causing us to not get the second drake down even after we smoke Tenebron and his whelps.

So apparently there is some new blog chain letter type thing going on which I think started on this post at Voodoo Adventures. I got tagged by Stompalina over at the Rawrcast website. So I don't have a 6th folder in my screenshots file. I do have multiple computers running Warcraft but I decided to just stick with my primary one because the others have no real collection of screenshots.

Here you see a Christmas card which I started to create. I think this was 2007's Christmas but it could have been 2008 (doubtful because I haven't cleaned out my screenshot folder in a very very long time). The druid (on the right) is myself. On the left is Huo, which is the main on my second account (which has since been deactivated). The cat is a representation of my own cat, Cooper. So Merry Christmas everyone!

Now I am supposed to pick 6 other bloggers to continue this challenge. As this went around this past weekend I fear that of all the blogs that i actively follow most of them have already been tagged. So if you already got this "chain" post then oh well. My 6 people are as follows:

Anea at Holy Discipline (Bah, too late)
Kathoid at Druid Kitty (Oh yeah! Zero for two)
Everyone at WoW Insider (doesn't look like they posted one yet)
My Mom at Sweetie Sweeps (Well she doesn't play WoW but I bet she could post a picture from her picture folders instead [much like the original poster])
Matticus from World of Matticus (Because he hasn't done it yet, although his fellow bloggers have)
If you blog, then I pick you! (Because I wimped out and couldn't find any other that haven't already done it)

I need to run to raid now but tomorrow I'll mention a little about my presence on the PTR and invite you all to come join us, as well as some info on ideas for the next "Fun Run" coming up soon.

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