Thursday, February 26, 2009

PTR, No Vacancy, and a new Fun Run!

As most of you know patch 3.1 is now out on the public test realms (PTR) as of sometime this past weekend. I am well behind the 8-ball on posting anything PTR related as all the major blog's and fan-sites have already had their say, so I have no intentions of beating dead horses. I will try to post based on newer things that I find out and specifically guild leader and raid leading related items.

However, No Vacancy and I are bringing in at the very least a 10 man team to learn a little more about Ulduar. We would love to bring it up to a 25 man team but from the sounds of it a majority of our own 25 man team can not make it due to either not wanting to or lack of hard drive space (the PTR is 13-16gig of space). With that in mind, if you are not coming over with your guild and you would like to join us in Ulduar we would be happy to have you. We plan on raiding either from 12am-3am on weekdays or evenings on weekends (or both). I am Kreeoni on the PTR and No Vacancy is the guild name. Anyone in the guild has invite ability and if I am not busy otherwise if you message me on Twitter I can hop over and toss an invite.

And speaking of other events, the next Fun Run will be held March 7th at 6pm EST. This time, however, it will be a PvP event. Make sure to get your Death Knight up to 58 and no higher than level 60. You will be competing against other Death Knights of the group. I would like to get at least 25 people to attend this event this time so invite your friends, pvp partners, etc. This event will once again be held Horde side on The Scryers server. There is already a guild set up that you can join, just whisper any member of the guild or grab me on Twitter. More details next week as we get closer (don't want to ruin the surprise).

Things I've noticed so far on the PTR:
- My Traveling Tundra Mammoth expensive 20k mount now does not let me discharge my vendors so that I can carry passengers making it less desireable. Boo!
- While Dual Spec is cool in that it doesn't need a reagent anymore it does rob you of all your mana every time you use it.
- Not only can you swim under water on a mount, you can mount up under water too. Although the mounts still move at swim speed.

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