Monday, February 16, 2009

Dual Spec's and Guild Policies

Danshir over at The MMO Experience posed a question about the future of Dual Speccing and how guilds will handle it. This was a topic I was planning on talking about a little closer to their inception but I have seen a lot of talk about it lately and figure maybe now is a good time to get people thinking about what they should be doing in the future.

Now Dual Spec's have not even been officially confirmed to be coming out at any specific time (although it is suggested to be in 3.1) and the details have not been solidified but people can guess as to what they are going to be and what they will do to effect guilds.

The best inception of this ability is that it will be a cheap way for guilds to be able to raid without limitations of who shows up. They wont have to ask people to pay high respec costs for one night so that the guild can raid. This will also let you have a smaller overall raid force as people can spec to something useful for a given fight rather than sit outside waiting to be used. Single tank fights will be better for other tanks to participate in because they can quickly spec to healing or dps without having to leave the raid zone.

But this brings the problem that Danshir mentioned, the need for multiple gear sets and how loot should be handled. Now from what I gather from his post he deals with a need vs greed simple rolling loot system without much frills or rules.

Now I don't feel that this is a bad system and works for many guilds, most of the end-game raiding guilds run with a loot system that is a little more detailed. A lot of guilds have a main set need, off set greed sort of rule. I would say that the only change that most guilds will have is that a person needs to claim a main set and a primary off set. The main set would get the primary roll against others, then the primary offset would roll against other primary off sets, followed by other offsets, alts, initiates, etc.

Guilds that don't already have a policy that addresses a main set versus off set and lets both main sets and off sets to roll against each other will not have dual speccing cause any more issues that aren't already there. Guilds that already have a policy in that vein have a good building block to stack a dual speccing policy on. There will be a few guilds that add special more complicated rules (like special treatment for offsets like healing and dps for tanks that will use them more frequently, etc) but in general not much will change except for the details.

Dual Specs are quite a ways off and there is plenty of time for gear to get into the hands of those that want the offset gear, but it is a good time to start discussing possible solutions to a problem that could come up with the inception of these Dual Specs.

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