Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's not me, it's you!

As I'm sure you all agree, my attempt at a Valentine's Day post was horrendous. So much so that Matticus, the one who prompted the WoW bloggers to do some V-day posts, didn't even mention that he read it (and I don't blame him). So I was in the shower today and I came up with a great idea that I figured I'd share to show that I am not the most pathetic blogger on the face of the WoW universe. Those looking for a Fun Run post stay tuned, still collecting images but hope to have one out by tomorrow at the latest.

Sometimes along the way you get a guildy that just defiles the meaning of being a guildy. They are greedy, rude, annoying, or any other amazingly awesome trait that one would want in their guild. Sometimes they are the best player that you have though. So what do you do?

Get rid of them. The one thing that I would say is my "motto" for guild leading is that "No one is so important that they are not replaceable". Now I know that motto sounds like I am, in fact, the jerk in the guild but take a look at this example in No Vacancy's past to understand.

Recently, we had a healer who went missing for three weeks straight and then as sudden as he disappeared he came back with no word. We aren't the type of guild that cares too much about such things because well personal life is personal life and unless it effects the guild we stay out of it. This guy comes back and instead of being quiet he starts telling us how to run things, whispering me that a particular tank shouldn't be tanking because he didn't like the spec (apparently all DK's MUST be Frost in his eye's), and generally just being rude. He was a vanilla WoW raider, of which our guild has little of, and he felt like since he raided this content years ago that regardless of our current progression we should listen to his every word. Mind you, since he had disappeared we have gotten progression of at least 5 new bosses with that DK specced the way he was and running things the way we have always run them.

Finally at the end of the night it came down to a point where loot was being passed out on an item he wanted to bid on. Now in No Vacancy we have a system where if you don't show up to a certain amount of raids over an amount of time you get demoted to initiate and have to work your way back up (unless there is a real reason[like vacation, accident, baby, etc] that you let us know about). Initiate's can not bid on gear unless it rots and then it is opened up to initiates and offsets at the same time. 

So this guy started bidding as if he was a member and long story short he was extremely unhappy that since he was a healer that he wasn't getting special consideration in regards to bidding. Although the item ended up rotting and he got to bid and win on it anyways this apparently was a slap in the face to him. He then proceeded to whisper me and threaten me ("You are seriously going to go there?" he says) in which I quoted our rules and the fact that regardless of who anyone was no one gets special treatment. He didn't like that and so left some rude comment in guild chat and gquit. There were a few "huh's?" from those guildies not in raid at the time and then a long discussion in vent over it.

One of our guildies asked some members of other guilds that he was friends with what they thought and a few came back with that we should have given him a special treatment because he was a healer.

Now generally I would have been more receptive to his predicament if he hadn't been 1)rude in vent during the raiding process inciting multiple whispers as to what he was doing here and 2)he hadn't been so combative off the bat about his demotion (and maybe calmly explained why he disappeared for three weeks as a reason to get re-promoted). As it was, I was pretty unwilling to back down that he was just not as important as he felt he was, especially since we had gotten multiple bosses down without him in the weeks he was gone.

Now I know that, at least for our server, there is a great healer shortage but no matter how in need a guild is for a specific class it is not worth the headache caused by someone who feels they are more important than the rest of the team. Especially when you are playing a class in which your fellow healers consist of an officer in the same class that performs better.

What would you have done? How can you back up an attitude versus a class (whether well played or not)?

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