Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fun Run was UBR!

Sorry for the delay in this post. I was waiting for some screenshots to come through but most never did so I decided to put up what I had to not keep you waiting.

First, I want to thank all those who supported this run. We had 16 people on at one time with a final total of 9 who were able to actually raid with us. Being Valentine's weekend and a Friday night this wasn't a great time for a lot of people but we were at least able to get some stuff done.

Seeing that we had a smaller amount of people we decided to start with a smaller raid instance and if more people came on we would work our way up. We chose Upper Black Rock Spire and thought we might try our hand at getting Jenkin's titles.

By the time we got to try for the title we only had 6 of us and only one was level 60 making our AOE (Death and Decay you get at 60) more to be desired. After a few tries we decided we'd come back later when more people had made it to the raid (this didn't happen due to time constraints). But at least we had chicken!

We waltzed through the majority of the remainder of the instance collecting whelp corpses along the way. Finally we hit a bit of a challenge on the trash right before The Beast but focused (up until then we were playing around cause it was so easy) and tore them down.

The Beast was our first real boss challenge but we got him down with only a few deaths. And so we moved on.

By this time more people started filtering in as they finished up their quest line. The next trash though gave us at least two wipes but we finally prevailed.

As we faced General Drakkisath the decision was made that one of us would respec to frost and we got the remainder of our questers in on the fight. The fight went as well as it could. We had a few deaths but in the end we prevailed and got our first raid achievement done. Unfortunately for those who did die on the fight, trash had respawned at the entrance so we didn't get a group kill shot picture (and I forgot to get a group picture in general).

Thanks to all that came out and thanks to Brigwyn and The Hunting Lodge for the use of their Vent server for this event. I had a ton of fun and look forward to doing this again. The next event will be for level 58 - 60 death knights on the same server. It will take place early in March and more than likely on a Saturday at an earlier time. This will be a PvP style event so please make sure to not make your DK higher than 60. Stay tuned to this blog for more information soon.

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