Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trucking Through Those Achievements.

Yesterday I showed you my crazy achievement map for my trek through 4 fairly easy achievements. Today I'll give you my step by step track through those achievements which I followed to get them done as fast as possible. If you enjoyed this please pass this around to your achievement minded friends or just point them my way! Remember, I did this on my Ally toon, so sorry for those Horde that wanted a trek. You could adapt mine to fit horde though. I don't think I will do it because I don't care to get achievements on my horde guy. One toon is enough.

I plan on at least color coding this post but may not get to it in time for todays post so check back if you want to see it that way instead. As a note, I did NOT include all specific locations of the books for Well Read. I have used this message under the WoWHead entry for reference as I went along.

- Start in Dalaran (This is where my hearth is set and is of course a really great central starting place. You essentially need to be high enough to start here anyways as one Pest Control critter is here and another Pest is only in a 78+ dungeon[and a critter for TATSWSML is in a fly only area]). Of course if you have a high level warlock then this is no problem for you but lets assume you are an human warrior flying solo.

- Port to Caverns of Time, go to Gadgetzan Inn for 1 book.
- To Un'goro Crater for Parrot.
- Hearth
- Dalaran Sewers for Underbelly Rat
- Mount up on your flying mount in the tube and fly North into Ice Crown for Glacier Penguin.
- Head East to Ulduar for Gold Beetle (In Halls of Stone or Halls of Lightning)
- South to Zul'drak for Zul'drak Rat
- To Dragonblight for Arctic Hare (Also a few spawns in Zul'drak as well as other various Northrend zones [I had previously got mine while heading to a Naxxramas Raid])
- Grizzly Hills for Mountain Skunk and Grizzly Squirrel
- Howling Fjord for Roach, Fjord Rat, Devouring Maggot (in the catacombs in the area with the mass of undead), Spider (around the lake to the northeast of Utgarde Keep), Fjord Turkey, Scalawag Frog, Fjord Penguin.
- Take the boat to Wetlands.
- Fly to Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands then head on up to Scarlet Monestary for 2 Books.
- Head back to Western Plaguelands and go to Scholomance for 3 Books.
- Fly off to Zul Aman in the Ghostlands for Larva and Maggot.
 - Back to Wetlands and take the boat to Theramore.
- Barrens for Gazelle, Prairie Dog and 2 Books in the Ratchet Inn.
- Durotar for Hare and Swine.
- Either run back to Ratchet and take the boat over or try to sneak on a blimp outside of Ogrimmar to Stranglethorn Valley.
- Head up to Westfall for 1 Book, Mouse, Snake, and Chicken.
- Elwynn Forest for Cow, Cat, Deer, Fawn, Rabbit, Sheep, and 1 Book.
- Off to Stormwind for 12 Books!
- Take the Boat to Darkshore (it's on the far left of the harbor) and then the Boat to Darnassus.
- Darnassus for Squirrel, Toad, and 4 Books.
- Back to Stormwind.
- Fly to Duskwood for 3 Books.
- Off to Swamp of Sorrows for Huge Toad and Moccasin.
- Through the Dark Portal.

Unfortunately, this is taking longer than I expected and I won't have time to finish before this post is scheduled to come out so I will have to finish up the rest for tomorrow.

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