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As some of you know I have been in the process of a few things recently. I recently stepped down as GM of my guild, No Vacancy so I could talk some time to concentrate on my personal life. During the between my announcement and the time I had planned to sit down a few things happened which altered the way I approached things. 1)No one offered or even seemed interested in becoming the leader of No Vacancy (in fact the officers first comments was that NV was dead and none of them wanted the responsibility) and 2)I was offered a position to help form a new guild on another server.

Over the course of the process some of the choices I made were poor and thus caused some problems with people who apparently relied on me much more than they showed previously. During the week and a half after my announcement I suffered much ridicule and backstabbing from people who felt that I should be not making the decision to step down. In the end, I decided that I disliked the attitudes and treatment on Drenden so I took up the offer to help with the new guild. As soon as the new guild started recruiting members from No Vacancy made level 1 trolls to flame me and this new guild. So rather than defend myself in one spot, I'll do it globally for the world to see. The following is my response:

(the following is An opinion)( although the readers should check into facts on their own)

Apparently On the dresden server No Vacancy Guild You done wrong has quite the different story. Due to your poor leadership skills, (and not the best players in that guild) You decided to slink out with a few buddy buddies to come to Khadgar to and preach holier than thou with a inflated ego of your own.
We don't need that kinda crap here, so why dont you just wear your pants for awhile here and make some good freinds instead of this ego slink trip. What you did to your old guild to get your self geared and slink off saying you will be gone for the weekend, then commin here and putting on airs about how good you are just wasted 25 bucks.
No Vacancy died because of two things, lack of people who wanted to show up to raids and lack of officer support to help the guild succeed. When we were struggling with DPS on previous bosses the officers solution was to replace everyone who was doing poorly. My solution was to train who we already had to get better and to make sure we had the buffs and debuffs we had at all times (IE - snares up for mage dps increase). Towards the end of No Vacancy the officers and I had split to a point where they would run their own raids which started 15 minutes prior to my scheduled raids or just invite friends instead of going through the previously agreed upon recruitment process. When it came to the point that we realized we needed to rebuild no one (including myself) was interested in putting the extra time in to rebuild all over again. We had done it many times previously and by the time this one came around we were burnt out from it.

Do I feel that I am "holier than thou"? Not at all, but the people who started Concedo Nulli were tired of gearing up people just so they could progress further with someone else as soon as they got geared while we were stuck behind trying to progress again. We wanted to be with like-minded people who wanted to progress as much as we did and had the loyalty to the guild as a whole to do so. The people who chose to join us were in fact some of the better players in No Vacancy and are people who would spend hours on end learning a fight regardless of cost. They are the ones who are willing to lose some of their own DPS just to increase the raids as a whole and so forth. There are plenty of people like that and there are more like that that stayed behind on Drenden. The choice to move servers was made because there are not enough players like that left on Drenden.

As far as getting myself geared. I ran No Vacancy as GM for two years, from tier 4 through now. If it was all a scheme to get myself gear then I sure put in a lot of time for one minor goal. Our DKP system did not favor anyone and I sure wasn't on the top of the DKP list for a majority of LK even though I attended all but 3 raids in 2009. I also didn't say I was going to be gone for the weekend, I said I was going to concentrate more on my real life situation. In fact, here is the direct quote from what I said on the NV website:
Due to circumstances in my personal life as well as recent events in-game I have decided to step down as leader of No Vacancy. I feel that I am not in the same place as a player as the guild is moving towards and I do not want to hinder its progression. I feel like now is a good time for me to step down as my personal life and game life are intersecting.

No Vacancy has got the leaders in place to be able to continue on without me and already has begun to. Since 3.1 has come out I have not been in guild first kills for the first time since our existence. I say this not because I am bitter but because it proves the point that the guild does not need me to survive.

I am also not leaving immediately. I am announcing this so that decisions can be made allowing a smooth transition. I will remain GM for at least a week and continue raiding with everyone in the mean-time. During that time the guild needs to decide who will be my successor, upon which time i will give them leadership of the guild. If the guild feels that my remaining in the guild is hindering in the process then I will leave at any time and give temporary leadership to one of the officers. I want to make sure that this guild survives in my absence. I may be the founder and leader of the guild but it is a group of members who are all like minded and working together, not something of just my own making.

I immensely enjoy being a GM and No Vacancy has been the most progressed and best guild I have ever been in in my 9 years of being a guild leader. I will miss the ins and outs of it but it is for the best for me right now. I hope that the future brings great things for No Vacancy and I look forward to following its progression.
A couple of days later after realizing that no one was interested in taking up the leadership of No Vacancy I posted the following:
It has become apparent that there is no one who wishes to keep No Vacancy running as a raiding guild when I leave on Thursday.

With that in mind No Vacancy is formally shutting down operations as a raiding guild as of Tuesday morning. The current 10 man run that was started last week will try to continue on Monday night but there will be no more official raiding nights or times from here out.

Elite Alliance has offered a merger of our members into theirs. This has been facilitated by Tockety and Rallys so get in touch with them if you are interested in joining their guild.

Former member, Zakarum has started up a new guild and is probably also looking for members. Former member, Muffinbuffer, is starting a guild on another server soon and is also someone else you can talk with.

Anguish (Formerly Arctic Wrath) is looking for Holy Priests, Resto Shammys, Ret Pallys, Shadow Priests, and Elemental Shammys for their raid team. You can fill out an application at

Insurrection is looking for a tank (either prot pally or DK) and 1-2 healers. Applications can be filled out at

Juggernaut group 15 is looking for S Priest, Warlocks, Mages, Hunters, and Holy Pallys. Application can be found at

Now is a great time to get into a guild as progression in Ulduar is new and Drenden is overall behind a majority of the other 241 US servers. Some of the people in NV guild were ranked top of their respective class in gear so most of you should not have any trouble finding your way into a decent guild on this server.

I am bummed that NV is done but I know that all good things must come to an end and everyone will find their way and land on their feet. Good luck on wherever you end up and I hope that you get to meet the goals that you want for yourself. The opportunities are endless and maybe one day we will find a former NV member in the top US/World guilds. It was a pleasure and an honor to be the GM of this fine guild for so long. I enjoyed all of it and would do it again if I had the chance.

As you can see I offered people many choices to move on and tried to facilitate that for them as much as I could. They were even given the choice to talk with Muffinbuffer, the leader of the current guild that transfered to Khadgar that I decided to join up with. So it is not like I left the guild hanging, I tried my best to help them succeed in my absence. I also did not have the final say in who was going to be invited to join or not, as I do not currently lead Concedo Nulli. I gave my suggestions and those suggestions were taken into account by the other members of the transfer team. I do not know specifically who of al the suggestions were asked or not.
Then he gutted the guild bank while none of the officers were on, auctioned off the contents, and distributed the proceeds among the "active members" of the guild.

Note that I am not saying that he stole the guild bank's contents, he didn't. But he did use his power as GM to gut the guild bank, thus making things difficult for those who wanted to keep the guild going.
Yes, this is true the guild bank was sold off and the proceeds split to all members who had been active with the guild in the previous two weeks and still remained in the guild. 23 people got portions of a 38,787 gold guild bank based off of time in guild. This process was done in the middle of the night (which is when I play the most) but it was begun with other officer knowledge and support. I started doing it at the time an officer was on but didn't finish up until that officer had logged off. This was decided upon after the realization that No Vacancy was not going to remain a raiding guild. It was not done for malicious reasons as suggested.

In retrospect I realize that my decision to finally transfer and not make that transparent has caused a lot of hurt among players who expected me to blindly lead them continuously. I had initially decided to just help from afar in choosing a server and a name and etc but the malicious comments I got from current and former NV members made me hate the server so much that I left it. So while I agree that I didn't always do the correct thing in my departing, I feel that 1)it's a game and 2)it's a game. Regardless if I was retiring, transferring, decreasing my play time, etc the same outcome would have happened. The players that I worked with before would have considered me out of their respective e-lives either way. So while I may have made a few poor choices along the way I always treated the members in the guild with respect and tried to help them out as much as possible. I would hope that they would show the same courtesy to me and the guild I am part of now.

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