Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An End to an Era

Almost 2 months ago was the last time I made any sort of post and it was about some drama. I came back today to look something up and noticed that I am still getting 30-40 hits a day and 110+ followers. Now I figure that most of these followers probably just haven't cleared out their readers of me yet and maybe a few actually were looking forward to hearing from me again. I asked my over 1,000 followers on Twitter if I should continue and I got one person responding telling me yes so I guess that really it's not something that is that sought after.

My original reason for starting up this blog was to give people pointers from my experiences. Over the time that I posted apparently there were some very popular posts which made me happy but in the long run I don't think I ever finished what I set out to do.

In the end what killed it for me was coming to the realization that no matter how good people may tell you you are or how much of a friend they pretend to be, in WoW it's all fake. I had felt like I made a ton of friendships in the wow community mainly via my guild but as my life went tumbling and made me take some time back I found out that it's all false. I realized that the only reason that people in the game pretend to be your friend is because you can offer them something that they think they need and when you can't do that anymore then they are gone. All of my closest "friends" in this game have turned around and been my biggest antagonists.

But I am ok with it now. Now I realize it, even though it took me 10 years or so between multiple games, and it is something that I can come to deal with. I have left behind a lot of "friends" on Drenden, none of which really had much good to say about me once I made the decision to leave (and ultimately the two that I trusted most were just in it to take my position anyways apparently). Of those who still stick around me I know will disown me if I chose to retire completely. I have already seen it amongst my guild mates, particularly the founding members.

I really enjoy blogging and I really enjoyed what I was able to give to people through this blog. Maybe one day I will start up a new one fresh (and with a less stupid title) as I still have many topics I would have loved to talk about. Before I go I want to thank people:

on the Drenden server - Thanks for giving me the topics for posting and the experience to be able to write those posts.

Matticus from World of Matticus - For the PTR runs and the idea which spawned my most popular post (How to be an Ensidia player) among other things.

WoWInsider - For picking up some of my posts without me asking.

All my readers - If I never got beyond the handful of guildy readers I may have stopped writing a long time ago.

To my Twitter Followers - I love to chat with you guys and to read your conversations and on multiple occasions those conversations have spawned topic ideas. (PS - I'm still on Twitter)

To everyone else - Because you are just as important even if I forgot about you.

Peace be with you!

Note: Seems there was some confusion on Twitter. I am only retiring this blog. I may in the future start another venue to blog on. I am not quitting WoW currently and I am sure not quitting Twitter (heck I just hit 1k followers and growing).

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