Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Post: The Final Installment

Today is the third and final installment from our good friend Bobette on what it takes to be a guild leader from a members prospective. A reminder about our Fun Run for tomorrow night. Remember to get your Death Knight past the starting area before the raid time. Everyone is invited so ask your friends/guildies/roommates and join us for some fun. Brigwyn over at the Hunting Lodge has graciously offered their vent services for this event too! I look forward to seeing you there!

Extra-curricular activities. While the obvious events that your guild might want to participate in are raids, don't think that they are the only events that your guild members will want to participate in! You can help guild members feel more at home by having events outside the raid rooms. Host a steam-tonk tournament, play a game of find-a-guildy, Old World Raid Night, join Kree's Fun Run, RP events or a good old fashioned guild party. All of these events (and more!) foster friendships and guild cohesion and gives a nice change of pace for your guild members.

Comm check. Utilize communication tools, such as a guild website or a Ventrillo server for ease of communication. Just as a Ventrillo server will make your raiding communications easier, a website will help organize guild information and communications, showcase kills and achievements and document useful skills of guild members. If you can't quite get used to the new in-game calendar, you could try out Group Calendar as well, for scheduling guild events. Make sure everyone knows all the appropriate information, so they know when to show up to events.

Recruit. Recruiting can be a difficult task. Sifting through potential recruits can be hard work - but sometimes you are left searching high and low for recruits and can find no one. Be sure that your guild has the numbers for what you want to run, with some cushion just to be safe. If you find that your numbers are dropping a little, recruit. If you're having a hard time getting runs to go at all, it's past recruiting time. You don't want your guild runs to dry up and hardly be a trickle while you're hoping for recruits to show up. Recruit early, recruit often.

Officer on deck. Having officers appointed in your guild will help alleviate the pressures and duties that you have as a guild leader. Instead of trying to be a one-man-band you can be a 5-piece ensemble or even the equivalent of an orchestra, if your guild is big enough and requires that many officers. Appoint people who you know you can trust with the jobs they need to do, such as class leads, raid leaders, recruiting officer, guild bank/dkp manager, guild events officer, website manager. The list can go on to fit your guild's needs. They will assist you when you are online and they will help keep the guild ship shape when you're offline. These are your right hand men (and women).

Even though the items discussed in these posts are numerous and might seem daunting, they will become second nature to you if you're not doing them already - many are common sense, after all. Your experience as a guild leader might even bring up points that haven't been addressed here.

So, do you have what it takes?

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